James Kennedy Shares Shock Over Lala Kent’s Statement That Their Friendship Is Done

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James Kennedy flipped out after having a few shots when he felt that his friend Lala Kent made rude remarks about his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. It was all about a bowl of pasta, and James didn’t feel that Lala was giving his girlfriend any respect. But Kennedy took it so far that Kent got up and left the restaurant because she felt that she wasn’t being respected at all. When Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules aired, Lala wrote on Twitter that she was thankful that she had walked out and had respected herself enough to be put down by a man. As it turns out, she felt that James had been so disrespectful that she wanted to end the relationship.

According to a new tweet, James Kennedy was surprised to learn this news via her Twitter yesterday. Later, he decided to write his own message about what had played out on Vanderpump Rules. Apparently, he thought that perhaps time and their relationships had gotten in their way of their friendship, but he was surprised to learn that Lala had no interest in being friends with him anymore. He was eager to work on their friendship again, and he hoped they could rekindle their friendship again.

Perhaps Lala Kent is very driven about female respect after what Brittany Cartwright went through on Vanderpump Rules. Kent was part of revealing Jax Taylor’s bad behavior on Vanderpump Rules as she wanted Brittany to hear the recording of Jax slamming their relationship and criticizing her as a person. Plus, she’s been very vocal about the whole #MeToo movement that has played out on social media over the past couple of months. Maybe she just wants to set an example of how men should treat women if they are indeed just friends. As of right now, Kent has revealed she has no interest in being friends with James, which seems to come as a shock to him.

Tonight, it was all about the PASTA. ????????

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James Kennedy is currently tangled up in rumors that he may have cheated on his girlfriend with his friend Logan. That storyline will continue to play out on Vanderpump Rules this season.