Man With Dollar Sign Tattoo Over His Eye Goes Viral

Michael Mann is a 34-year-old male whose distinctive face and neck tattoos have caused his image to go viral. On the Facebook page of the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Crime Stoppers, the image of Mann posted to the social networking site has been shared more than 2,000 times and has garnered nearly 1,000 comments. Many of those comments claim that Michael shouldn’t be too hard to spot in a crowd, since his face features a large dark dollar sign tattooed over his left eye. There are also tattoos of lipstick kiss marks on the right side of his face.

According to authorities who are urging folks to share Michael’s photo, Mann is facing accusations of domestic violence and aggravated burglary.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Mann was able to access and assault his victim after climbing into her unlocked window. Standing six-feet, three-inches tall and weighing approximately 183 pounds, Michael cuts a dangerous-looking figure that is getting loads of feedback on social media.

Mann hails from the Cincinnati area, near Ebenezer Road in Price Hill, which is actually comprised of three neighborhoods.

Mann choked and slapped his victim, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. The woman who was Michael’s alleged victim shares a child with him. The incident happened in South Fairmont on January 9. Those who know anything about Mann’s possible location are being asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040.

Meanwhile, reactions to Mann’s mugshot feature folks joking about the “tatted-up” face being one only a mother could love, whilst others joke about Michael looking like a fine outstanding citizen. Others are quipping that it should not be too hard to find Michael with his tattoo-filled face. Some of the comments about Michael are asking what would ever possess a person to get a dollar-sign tattooed atop their eye.

Michael’s mugshot looks familiar to those who have seen the distinctive booking photo in the past, with what appears to be the No. 69 tattooed on his face as well. Other comments contain tips, wherein people are writing about possible sighting locations.

With tattoos on his ears to eyelids and beyond, Michael is getting feedback and advice from Facebook users telling him not to get such distinctive tattoos if he wants to blend in with society and hide from police.

Other mugshots that have gone viral include the ones below.

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