Maci Bookout Getting Involved In Javi Marroquin And Briana DeJesus Breakup

Theo WargoGetty Images

Maci Bookout rarely uses her social media for personal purposes, as she tends to protect her children and her private life when she’s not filming Teen Mom OG. Perhaps Maci feels she has nothing to share on social media, even though she has thousands of followers who would love to see what she’s doing on a daily basis. Since Maci has so many followers and little content to share, she has joined many of her Teen Mom co-stars in letting companies share content on her behalf for a cut of the earnings. As it turns out, this has gotten some people in trouble, as Jenelle Evans was slammed for sharing content about her costars after she had served them with cease-and-desisted letters.

With Maci, it sounds like her fans believe she’s getting involved with something that has nothing to do with her. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout is now sharing gossip about Teen Mom 2 stars Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus. The two recently broke up but it sounds like they could be working things out. At least that’s what Maci is saying on her Twitter account. Whether it’s actually Maci posting the responses to the articles or something saying it for it doesn’t seem to matter. It sounds like people think that she’s getting involved in other people’s business, as she’s commenting on her fellow Teen Mom 2 stars’ personal drama.

Even though one follower called Maci Bookout a click-bait prostitute for sharing the article, others had strong reactions to the content itself. It’s clear that many feel that Javi and Briana need to stay broken up. Maybe fans are tired of hearing about her issues, her need for money, and Javi being labeled as a controlling man. DeJesus has revealed that she agrees with Kailyn Lowry about Marroquin being controlling. While Kailyn Lowry may have no problem with these articles, it’s possible that Maci has no interest in maintaining a good relationship with these stars. Her loyalty may lie with Kailyn, who is also sharing these click-bait articles online about her Teen Mom co-stars.

Maci Bookout may be making a good amount of money from these click-bait articles, but it’s possible that the decision to share these articles could be harmful to her friendships. Briana and Javi may not be happy with her decision to share content about their relationship for a financial reward.