Jenelle Evans’ Birthday Photo Shoot For Ensley Results In Tragic Comments From Concerned Followers

Jenelle Evans is celebrating her daughter’s first birthday today as little Ensley turns one. Jenelle welcomed her first and only daughter into the world a year ago, but she felt that her birth was overshadowed by Chelsea DeBoer, who gave birth to her son, Watson Cole, just one day later. His birthday is tomorrow. Perhaps Jenelle wanted to do something spectacular for her daughter to stand out from whatever Chelsea is choosing to do for Watson. This morning, Evans announced that she had done a family photo shoot for her daughter, so she has something to look back on compared to hosting a birthday party. Needless to say, people had opinions about her decision.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans shared the photos from the photo shoot, but Ensley was the only one not smiling. Of course, this little girl is only one, so she may not be able to smile on demand, but many felt that the photographer should have made an effort to encourage Ensley to smile. Others thought it was tragic that Jenelle was making Ensley’s special day all about the family, including her other children. One follower pointed out that this day was all about Ensley, and she should be spoiled rotten.

Of course, Jenelle Evans may have some plans for the day, including giving Ensley a birthday cake, singing a birthday song, and spoiling her a bit extra. Maybe the photo shoot is just meant to replace the birthday party that Jenelle would have to host for Ensley’s friends. One follower pointed out that it was sad that Jenelle chose to do a photo shoot because it’s possible that she may not have any friends to invite. Since Jenelle and David Eason are famous from Teen Mom 2, it’s possible that Jenelle is keeping her children at home to protect them. She doesn’t have custody of Jace, and maybe she decided to do the photo shoot because he won’t be around for her birthday because of school.

It’s sad to think that Ensley may not have any friends to invite over to a birthday party because Jenelle keeps her at home. Of course, this is just speculation, but Evans felt the photo shoot was the best possible solution for her family and her daughter.