WWE Rumors: Former Friend Of Enzo Amore’s Accuser Philomena Sheahan Says He Has Proof Of Amore’s Innocence

On Tuesday, the WWE released erstwhile Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, one day after a woman named Philomena Sheahan took to Twitter to accuse him of raping her at a Phoenix hotel room in October. With these allegations far from proven, a young man claiming to be a former friend of Sheahan’s posted a video on YouTube, where he said he has proof that Sheahan and Amore did meet at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix on October 19, but added that any sexual intercourse the two might have had was consensual.

Mere hours after the news of Enzo Amore’s WWE release broke, YouTuber Sam Cook posted a video (WARNING: Strong language) on Tuesday evening, with several purported “receipts,” or text messages where the “dishonest” Philomena Sheahan allegedly described her encounter with Amore, real name Eric Arndt. Before displaying the screenshots, Cook stressed that he believes the rape claims were made to avoid getting caught taking drugs by her father, who pays for her car and reportedly threatened to kick her out of the house if she didn’t go to rehab, and by her roommates, whom she supposedly met at a sobriety meeting.

In one of the so-called “receipts,” Sam Cook displayed a series of texts, supposedly between Philomena Sheahan and a friend of theirs identified as “Rachel,” who owns the phone displayed in the video. After telling Rachel that she was about to go to rehab, Philomena supposedly said that she did cocaine with the two people she accused on Monday of drugging her before the alleged rape, Layla “Too Poor” Shapiro and Tyler Grosso. She also claimed to have had sex with “their friend” Enzo Amore, as Cook emphasized how Sheahan purportedly corrected the word “f**k” with its past tense, instead of saying that she was raped. Earlier in the video, Cook alleged Sheahan had spoken to him soon after the incident, claiming that the sex she and Enzo had was “amazing.”

“Believe it or not, b**ch, it happened, and I’m laying in bed next to a famous wrestler,” read one of the text messages reportedly sent by Philomena Sheahan to her friend Rachel, after she was pressed for more specifics.

In Fightful’s most recent update on the Enzo Amore and Philomena Sheahan case, the publication noted that it was able to verify that Sheahan and Sam Cook were once close friends, before their relationship turned “volatile” in the past few weeks. Cook also issued a statement to Fightful, where he said that he is willing to speak to authorities working on the case, just as Layla “Too Poor” Shapiro has in recent days. He added that Sheahan had tried to contact him before he made the video, initially telling one of Cook’s friends that she was excited to speak to TMZ and explain her side of the story.

“[Philomena] became super aggressive when I was handed the phone and told her what she did was wrong, and she told me I should ‘go kill myself’ for not lying to people, and then hung up.”

Toward the end of his statement to Fightful, Cook admitted to feeling “gross” because of the attention he has recently been receiving, but expressed hope that his video could help prove that Enzo Amore and his two alleged accomplices are innocent, and bring attention to the “injustice” he believes Sheahan has done against victims of sexual assault.

As of this writing, Sam Cook’s “receipts” video has been viewed close to 110,000 times on YouTube, less than a day after it was posted. It has also been shared numerous times on Twitter, with former WWE wrestler Jayson Paul (aka JTG) among the many who retweeted it in support of Amore.

As reported by TMZ on Tuesday, Philomena Sheahan reiterated her earlier claims that Enzo Amore had raped her in the early morning of October 19, further accusing him of hitting her “so hard [that] she passed out” after she repeatedly begged him to stop forcing himself on her. Around the same time, Amore took to Twitter to deny the allegations, posting a letter from his lawyer that also stressed that he and his legal counsel will be offering no further comment on the matter.