‘Floyd Mayweather Day’ Held For Boxer In Oklahoma City, But Nobody Knows Why

Phelan M. EbenhackAP Images

Just recently, retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. was presented with his own commemorative day in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. However, that particular city isn’t one with too much background for “Money” Mayweather and has led to some confusion as to why the boxing star would be honored there. Here are the latest details on when “Floyd Mayweather Day” was held, and what it involved as well as some of the backlash it brought with it.

According to TMZ‘s report on Monday, the city of Oklahoma City officially declared January 17 last week as “Floyd Mayweather Day.” With Mayweather in the city to take in the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game, he was part of a post-game reception and then a dinner party afterward at Broadway 10. As Hot New Hip Hop website reported, part of the proceeds from the day’s events went to the Amateur Athletic Union’s “subordinate organization” called 6th Man Sports. The events were put together by cultural influencer Karen Civil.

To make things extra official, Mayweather was given official documents by the state as part of his honorary day. Still, it has raised eyebrows as to why he was given such a prestigious day in the city of Oklahoma City. Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. While he tends to travel all over the place, it seems confusing that OKC was the city chosen to create this particular day. Oklahoma City Governor Mary Fallin spoke about what exactly was done for the boxer in a video clip (below).

Along with the confusion of why “Floyd Mayweather Day” was bestowed upon the boxer in Oklahoma City is the outrage it has brought. Journalist Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman points out Mayweather’s previous guilty plea to battery against the mother of his daughter and conviction for hitting friends of the mother of three of his children. After a suspended sentence, Mayweather’s charges were “dismissed per negotiations.” However, Mayweather had more charges in 2005 and 2010 for felonies. In one of those trials he was acquitted and in the later matter he served 60 days in jail.

Those pleas, convictions, trials, and verdicts have many people upset that someone with those incidents in their history would receive a day to commemorate them. While Floyd Mayweather Jr. was considered a boxing great, one would think that Las Vegas would have given him a day before Oklahoma City, but so far, that city hasn’t seen fit to doing so.