Donald Trump Impeachment: As Robert Mueller Seeks President To Testify In Russia Probe, Impeachment Odds Rise

Donald Trump is reportedly facing higher odds of impeachment as the Russia investigation is getting increasingly closer to the president, with new reports that Robert Mueller wants the president to testify about his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that Mueller wants to question Trump in the next few weeks regarding the events that led him to fire Comey and Flynn. As the report noted, this shows that Comey’s investigation is becoming increasingly focused on whether Trump committed obstruction of justice in trying to stop the Russia investigation.

The report added that Mueller’s investigation appears to be ramping up. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed for several hours last week, the first of Trump’s cabinet members to be interviewed for the investigation, the New York Times reported. James Comey testified last week as well, the report noted.

There are signs that Donald Trump may be worried about being impeached. Democratic strategist and fundraiser Scott Dworkin, who shares details about the Russia investigation and White House developments with his Twitter followers, reported that Trump was “fuming” that Sessions did not report back to him after he was called before Mueller’s team to testify.

There is also increased speculation that the interview could uncover concrete evidence that Trump fired Comey in an attempt to sink the Russia investigation, which could lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Donald Trump has frequently denied that he or his campaign colluded with Russia, but legal experts say that may not be as relevant to the investigation as it becomes clear that obstruction of justice is Mueller’s larger target.

While there is increased speculation that Donald Trump could be impeached, it could still be much longer down the line before any concrete action is taken. It would require a majority of the House of Representatives to move forward on impeachment proceedings, which under the current makeup would mean a large number of Republicans turning on the president. That brings added importance to the 2018 midterm elections — if Democrats are able to gain the majority, which to experts looks to be a growing possibility, then impeachment proceedings could grow easier, and more likely as well.

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