Amber Portwood Slammed Over Timeline: Was She Dating Matt And Andrew At The Same Time?

Amber Portwood has been very open about her personal relationships over the past couple of months, which explains why fans are pushing for some answers. Fans want the specifics about how things ended with Matt Baier and how things began with Andrew Glennon. On the previous season of Teen Mom OG, Amber learned that Matt might have made sexual advances towards another woman, which caused her to flip out. She decided to end their relationship but gave it one last shot by filming Marriage Bootcamp with him. They filmed the show in May, but she claims they broke up before they went there in June.

Many would argue that Amber was indeed giving him a second shot by filming Marriage Bootcamp, as they went on the show in hopes of fixing their issues. However, Amber sees it differently. Perhaps she was just filming the show for money, as she has bragged about the money she made. She has also revealed that Andrew Glennon worked on the show and admitted to having a crush on her. He reached out to her after filming was over, and in September, she revealed they had dated for three months. This was during a trip to Hawaii, and also the time when she learned she was pregnant. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now facing questions about the timeline of everything, as the two relationships seem to overlap.

Lol yeah....????????

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“I broke up with Matt May 14 lol He just didn’t move out until after boot camp. Honestly you guys comment on shit and don’t even understand how tv works. Everything your watching is almost 6 months behind real life. Keep watching,” Amber revealed on Twitter, sharing that Marriage Bootcamp was filmed over the summer, but one fan had done the math, adding, “But Marriage Bootcamp stopped filming June 1 which is when you started dating. So you’ve been dating 6.5 months now??? Hawaii was September and u said it had been 3 months. Got pregnant in Aug when he wore cowboy hat???”

Fans are confused because it seems like she and Matt were still somewhat together when they were filming Marriage Bootcamp. She claimed that they were broken up, but they were working on their relationship on the show. Many questioned why she would drag him through that if she knew they were over. Andrew reached out immediately after filming. Amber shared a photo from Hawaii on her timeline on September 24, which was when she learned she was pregnant. At that point in time, she claimed they had dated about three months. That would mean they started dating in June at some point. While Amber learned about her pregnancy in August, it’s impossible to guess how far along she was then. If the two relationships don’t overlap in June, it’s possible that she started dating Andrew just days after returning home to Indiana and Matt moving out of their shared home.

Amber Portwood is no longer focusing on Matt Baier. She claims Andrew Glennon makes her very happy, and she’s excited about becoming a mother again.