Lala Kent Reveals How She Truly Feels About Self-Absorbed Scheana Marie

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Lala Kent and Scheana Marie appear to be fairly close on Vanderpump Rules, but off-screen, Kent has some serious issues with her co-star’s self-absorbed behavior.

During a recent interview on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, Lala Kent revealed what she really thinks about her longtime co-star, claiming that while she often checks up on Scheana Marie, Scheana Marie has never actually asked her how she’s doing.

“I’m not going to give her any attention because I can’t even remember the last time she even asked me if I’m breathing OK,” Lala Kent revealed, according to a January 23 report by All About the Real Housewives.

According to Lala Kent, she has always been a good friend to Scheana Marie and given to their relationship “100 percent.” Meanwhile, the same can’t be said for Scheana Marie, who Kent suggested didn’t care at all about what she has going on in her own life. As Kent explained, she told Scheana Marie how proud she was after hearing that she booked a gig in Las Vegas. However, when it came to her recently-launched line of lip glosses, Scheana Marie didn’t say a thing.

“I’m constantly making sure she’s good, and I’m just waiting for her to even ask ‘Hey. How are you doing today?’ I’ve actually never heard that once in our however many words of knowing each other,” Lala Kent explained.

While Lala Kent doesn’t feel that Scheana Marie has been good to her, she did say that her co-star has a good heart. Still, when it comes to her behavior in relationships, Kent suspected that Scheana Marie was dealing with insecurities about herself and often feels that she has to baby her.


“Maybe just ask ‘How are you today?’ That’s it. It’s pretty easy,” Lala Kent further said, directly to Scheana Marie.

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Although Lala Kent and Scheana Marie seemed to be quite close when filming began on Vanderpump Rules Season 6, they don’t seem to be spending as much time with one another lately, and Kent hasn’t shared any photos with Scheana Marie on social media for three months. Meanwhile, she recently took a trip to Las Vegas with Scheana Marie’s on-screen nemesis, Katie Maloney, and other members of the cast, including Kristen Doute, Tom Schwartz, and James Kennedy.

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