Olivia Lua Dead At 23: Adult Film Star Ginger Banks Reveals Reason Behind Inexplicable Deaths In The Industry


Olivia Lua’s death is the fourth case within two months after August Ames allegedly committed suicide, causing other adult film actresses like Ginger Banks and Raven Hart to weigh in on the real reason behind the suffering people who work in the industry have been enduring.

Another adult film star passed away last week, L.A. Direct Models confirmed in a statement cited by AVN. Based on the report, Olivia Lua was found dead on January 18, a week after she checked into a drug rehabilitation facility in West Hollywood following a relapse.

It was revealed in her agency’s statement that a dangerous cocktail of drugs and alcohol may have caused her death.

“Family and close friends relate they had deep concern at the volume of prescription drugs prescribed to Olivia and the danger this posed her, if this was mixed with recreational drugs or alcohol. It is believed this to be the cause of her passing.”

News of her death comes a little over a week after Olivia Nova, a 20-year-old newbie in the industry who also started with L.A. Direct Models, died of unknown causes. It also marks the fourth death in the adult film industry since 23-year-old August Ames allegedly committed suicide early in December 2017 after getting bullied online.

Now, adult film stars Ginger Banks and Raven Hart decided to shed some light on an ongoing problem those in their line of work face, which may have caused the sad occurrences with their sisters.

Speaking to Hollywood Life, Banks revealed that their job has become quite difficult because of how other people treat them and admitted that she also had bouts of depression because of it.

“The way society looks at and treats porn stars makes us more depressed, it is hard to feel like we don’t belong or that we are second class citizens,” she said.

“I have suffered depression because of the way people view my job. That is the worst part of this job, the way people treat me because of what I do for a living.”

According to her, people in the adult film industry should have a stronger support system and a more public network or community to prevent actors and actresses to feel like they “have a dirty secret” in working such a job.

“Once someone in a community commits suicide it is more likely to happen to others in the community, so that could be what is happening with some of these porn star deaths. We need to reach out to people we know are struggling with depression and talk about it and educating people about mental health.”

Echoing Ginger’s sentiment, Raven Hart said people who enter the industry at a young age have a higher tendency to get depressed, most especially if they already have problems with mental health in the first place.

“If you get into this business really young, and you are already predisposed to your own personal issues of depression or whatever else, working in porn may intensify your issues, this is not a career for everyone,” she said.


It also doesn’t help to be youthful in the industry as they allegedly “get taken advantaged of more,” Hart explained.

“When you are younger you get taken advantage of more and if you don’t stand up for yourself or you don’t make it known that you are a professional, then these types of things can happen.”

Raven also revealed that adult film stars like August Ames may have suffered a greater deal of depression in this modern age because of the effects of social media and how easily people—strangers, at that—to bully or criticize a person even without knowing them.

Interestingly, both Ginger Banks and Raven Hart may have a point as people, like Tila Tequila, have been bent on making their boorish opinions about the adult film industry public via social media.

“I literally just spent a prayer session TARGETING the [adult film] industry and I prayed that these pornstars will all fall extremely ill with infirmities, and start to die off so that everyone will flee from this industry never again to return,” she wrote on Facebook about Olivia Nova’s death.

“Then soon after I see in the news that [an adult film] star died suddenly!!! Whoa! God listens to me and gives me whatever I ask for in Jesus’ name!”