David And Louise Turpin ‘House Of Horror’ Case: Expert Says California Dad Might Be A ‘Doomsday Cult’ Leader

David Turpin, the California resident accused of the abuse, torture, and false imprisonment of 13 children in California’s “House of Horror,” might actually be a self-appointed leader of a cruel cult with his wife, Louise, based on how they treated his kids.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, Attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez explained that the manner at how the Turpin dad acted appeared to be similar to the profile of other parents convicted in other cases where they tortured and abused their own children for the sake of religion.

Apparently, David and Louise Turpin led a deeply religious life and, while it remains unclear whether the Turpin family lived a secluded life, they have the familiar pattern of living that included psychological and physical coercion to control the children.

“They develop a kind of cultish doomsday type of religion where the father becomes this mythical leader and the mother and children’s duty is to serve the father,” the lawyer explained.

Based on the charges against David and Louise Turpin, the couple allegedly chained their children onto beds as punishment when they disobeyed their parents. Prosecutors also expressed their disgust at the horrifying conditions the Turpin kids were subjected to, based on a previous report from the Inquisitr.

“The abuse was horrific… it involved beatings, strangulation,” said Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin.

“As a prosecutor, there are some cases that haunt you. Some deal with human depravity, and that’s what we’re dealing with here.”

According to the Sun, Rodriguez had sent pastor and mother Jessica Banks to prison for starving, beating, and drugging her five adopted daughters when he served as a prosecutor for Riverside County.

On top of that, Mike Clifford Jr., one of the Turpin family’s neighbors when they lived in Murrieta, California, revealed some weird things he witnessed that convinced him that they were part of a cult.

“At night time all the kids would walk back and forth on the second storey. We could see them through the windows,” Clifford explained, adding that they appeared to be marching up and down, “military-style.”

He also revealed that he very rarely saw the children outside of the house during the day.

“I’d never see them during the day except I saw two of the sisters go check the mail once.”

Based on a report from The Australian as cited by New Idea, David and Louise Turpin had “deeply Christian backgrounds,” whereas one of the 49-year-old mom’s siblings was part of the missionary group Pioneers for Christ while the 57-year-old dad was of Pentecostal faith.

Meanwhile, Turpin children appeared to have been secluded from the outside world as law enforcers who rescued them from the “House of Horror” noted how they had no idea what police and medicines are.

Billy Lambert, Louise’s half-brother, also revealed some details about David and Louise Turpin’s past that further proves how deeply troubled they are, according to a report from the Inquisitr.

“Only last month Louise told me her and David were planning to have another child. It is abhorrent what has emerged. I hope they never taste freedom again. The pair are animals,” he said, explaining that the two planned to profit from their big family by landing a deal for a reality TV show.

In the same report, Teresa Robinette, Louise’s younger sister, also revealed how David kidnapped his future wife when she was only 16-years-old and dashed off with her across the country to get married in secret.

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