Louise Turpin Had Adulterous Sex With Another Man For Her 40th Birthday, Her Sister Tells Megyn Kelly [Video]

Teresa Robinette was three years of age when her big sister “Louise Elizabeth” Turpin left home, with 13 years difference in the ages of the sisters. From the time Louise was 16 and “ran away” from Texas, as Teresa put it, Louise distanced herself from her family in order to live what her siblings assumed was the high life with David Turpin, a man who made enough money to take his entire brood to Disneyland and pay for family members to visit other amusements parks on the few occasions they came back to Texas.

However, Louise and David also wanted to do something special for Louise’s fortieth birthday, since Louise had been so straight-laced all her life and never drank or smoke. As reported by NBC News, Robinette appeared on Megyn Kelly Today, with Teresa explaining how David and Louise’s older children were able to care for their younger children in order to let the parents get away on a trip to Alabama. In order to “sow those wild oats,” Louise turned to the web, where she met a man who lived in Huntsville, Alabama. David gave Louise permission to have sex with him, so Robinette said Louise was giddy with excitement when she met the man in a hotel and had sex with him.


Despite Robinette advising her sister against doing such a thing, Teresa claimed her sister went ahead and engaged in adulterous sex, describing how David and Louise would return to the same exact hotel and room and bed one year later to commemorate the moment by having sex in the same bed.


Robinette claimed that Louise painted a verbal picture of a perfect home in California, with the sister claiming she didn’t know anything about the horrible life that her nieces and nephews were experiencing out west. The sisters lost touch and only kept in contact rarely via Skype, finding it odd when the children couldn’t speak to her all at the same time. Robinette called the kids “book smart” but ones who couldn’t hold conversations.

After a period of time, Robinette had no contact with her nieces and nephews at all and hadn’t seen them in about eight years.

Teresa cried as she spoke of a family member who abused her mother, herself, Louise, and their siblings. It’s always been a big secret and the adults in the family protected him, Robinette said.

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