Monique Urges Fans To Boycott Netflix, After Being Offered Less Money Than Amy Schumer And Chris Rock

Jeff BottariGetty Images

Monique has urged her fans to boycott Netflix after being offered less money for a comedy special than some of her peers.

The Academy Award-winning actress shared in an Instagram video, that Netflix offered her only $500,000, while Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, and Dave Chapel were offered several million ($53 million in total) for their respective specials.

“I am asking that you stand with me and boycott Netflix for gender bias and color bias,” Monique opened the video. “I was offered a $500,000 deal last week to do a comedy special. However, Amy Schumer was offered $11 million, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle $20 million.”

Confused as to why the pay gap between her and Amy Schumer was so large, given that she’s been in the business for over two decades, Monique went to Netflix for answers.

According to Monique, Netflix stated that they didn’t arrive at the figure based on anyone’s resume, then later justified the pay disparity by stating that Amy had sold out Madison Square Garden twice, and had a hit movie in theaters.

“Is that not Amy’s resume?” Monique asked.

Netflix justified Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle’s $20 million salaries by calling them legends, which made Monique question further why she wasn’t being offered anything near their amounts, considering that Netlifx later called her a legend as well.

Shortly after Monique posted her video, Wanda Skyes shared her own story dealing with Netflix, in which they offered her “less than half” of what they’d offered Monique. Offended, Sykes declined the offer in private, then found a new company to host her special.


In a followup video, Monique used Wanda’s account of her failed deal with Netflix to back up her claim that they were unfairly lowballing her and Wanda because of their race and gender.

Though none of the comedians named above have responded to Monique’s proposed boycott, TMZ did manage to catch up with Tony Rock, brother of Chris Rock, in an airport to get his take on the situation. Based on his statement, he doesn’t seem to agree with Monique involving other people’s salaries in her bid for more money.

“First of all, it’s never a good look it’s poor etiquette…it’s poor comedy etiquette…it’s poor people’s etiquette to count other people’s money,” Rock said. “Don’t worry about what someone else’s check says. You get your weight up. You get your check to say what you want it to say.”

Tony doubled down, by adding that he didn’t believe Monique was being discriminated against. In his opinion, Netflix had reason to not invest as much money into Monique because she hasn’t been touring consistently as a comedian in years.

Monique has yet to respond to Tony’s comments.