Amber Portwood Accused Of Using TV To Find Men: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Has A Powerful Response

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Amber Portwood announced that she was pregnant with her second child, a son, a few weeks ago. Fans got to see how she found out she was pregnant on Teen Mom OG this past week, and it sounded like Andrew Glennon wasn’t too surprised that she was pregnant. It’s possible that Amber and Andrew already knew that she was pregnant before she showed him the pregnancy test on Teen Mom OG. However, it sounds like Portwood is now being accused of using television to find guys. She met Matt Baier via Twitter after he had supposedly tried to get with Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. She met Andrew Glennon after filming Marriage Bootcamp.

Of course, people have plenty of theories about Portwood and her new relationship, as it is so new. It hasn’t really been featured on Teen Mom OG, and people don’t know Andrew. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now learning that people are slamming her efforts, including her online boutique and how she’s meeting the men in her life. But Portwood may have been ready for these comments, as she had an interesting and powerful reply. Amber may have shared her battle with depression, but it sounds like she’s priding herself on the people she’s been able to help.

“No she can’t quit reality tv!! Then she won’t be able to sleep all day and find men. Leah said mommy is always sleeping or in the bed.. I guess with a new baby she might have to be active. Oh wait isn’t there a “plus size boutique” online something she owns?” one person wrote to Twitter, clearly trying to get a response from Amber, who replied with, “You are gross honey. Don’t talk about me like some amateur sweety I’ve been doing this for 10 years and have saved more lives then any of you s**t talkers. That’s all that matters. My baby was commenting on me being depressed. Go be gross and ugly somewhere else. My life is great.”

Of course, Amber Portwood is one of the stars of Teen Mom OG who has battled depression. For several seasons, Portwood stayed in bed, slept, and struggled with her emotions regarding her daughter, Leah. As she points out in her post, her daughter was referring to her being depression — not her current condition. Amber is working hard on getting her daughter back in her life more than she has been. But it’s interesting that Amber feels that sharing her battle with depression has helped viewers and fans.


Amber Portwood is currently pregnant with her son, and she has revealed that she’s planning on stepping back from social media to avoid stress. She’s constantly slammed on social media, so she doesn’t want to deal with the stress while she’s pregnant. No word on whether she plans on returning when she gives birth. She’s been absent from social media since meeting Andrew.