Leah Messer Slammed Over Grammar: Fan Suggests She’ll Be A Bad Role Model For Her Girls

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images For CMT

Leah Messer is currently in school, working on her degree in communications. She’s been working hard to get her degree because she wants to set an example for her daughters. However, it sounds like some of her Teen Mom 2 fans are a bit critical of her. As it turns out, Leah has some rules for social media and others for her schooling when it comes to spelling and grammar. While some people are particular about their grammar, others don’t care when it is on social media. Leah is one of those people, as she recently made a mistake on Twitter.

This weekend, Chelsea DeBoer celebrated her son’s first birthday, as little Watson turned 1. Of course, Messer and Chelsea are both on Teen Mom 2 and have become friends over the years, despite living thousands of miles from one another. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer decided to share her excitement over Watson’s birthday.

In her tweet, Leah wrote “Where has an entire went?” but she meant to say “Where has an entire year gone?”

Of course, she forgot the word “year” in her tweet, but the focus was on the fact that she chose to use “went” instead of “gone.” It seemed like an innocent mistake, but people were quick to come for her as a mother and a role model.


“Year-gone, not went. Try and learn verb usage when your girls start learning it!” one person harshly wrote to Leah, who was just trying to do something nice for her co-star.

Leah isn’t responsible for teaching her girls spelling and grammar, as they are not in home-schooling. Instead, they go to school and learn from teachers, as shown on Teen Mom 2. Plus, Leah had a good answer. This is social media, not an English essay. She pointed out that she didn’t care about the spelling mistake, as the point was to wish Watson a happy birthday. Of course, Leah probably can’t say much without being criticized, as she has plenty of people following her on social media, and not all of them are hardcore fans.

Leah Messer is currently filming Teen Mom 2 with Chelsea DeBoer and Kailyn Lowry. No word on whether Jenelle Evans will return to the show, as she has threatened to leave the show several times because she’s not happy with the way she’s being portrayed.