‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Canceled: Reported Axing Of ‘CBB UK’ May Be Bad Omen For Future Of ‘CBB US’

Sonja FlemmingCBS

With the premiere of the very first season of Celebrity Big Brother in the U.S. just around the corner, shocking news is coming from across the pond about the future of the reality show’s U.K. counterpart. Not only are British publications reporting that CBB UK is set to be axed, but they are also writing that the annual airing of regular Big Brother will be canceled. Although show executives and network bigwigs argue they are still in talks regarding the future of both long-running reality series, this may be a bad sign for the yet to air CBB US.

Unlike the American Big Brother franchise, Celebrity Big Brother has been a staple in the U.K. since 2001 alongside its regular Big Brother series. Although the U.K. franchise moved from one network to another in 2011 following its first cancellation, it has remained constant and popular with fans, reports the Express.

As expected, fans of the series are outraged by reports of the Big Brother franchise coming to an end, with one passionate viewer telling the Express that if Big Brother gets canceled she would “cancel” herself. Some fans say they are heartbroken and love the show, hoping the reports are untrue.

The recent news is likely due to the very public statement of a network executive who said in August 2017 that he would be “much happier” if Big Brother was no longer part of the channel’s lineup, according to Deadline. Ben Frow, the director of programming at Channel 5, told an audience at the Edinburgh International TV Festival that he “loves” Big Brother’s ratings, but wants to create original programming.

Like many American reality shows, including Dancing with the Stars, the caliber of celebrities that are cast on CBB UK is typically mid-level at best. YouTubers, reality show stars, and older celebrities who may not have been in the public eye in a while are those who usually end up entering the CBB UK house. For instance, the current season features American singer Ginuwine whose major claim to fame is his 1996 hit “Pony,” Kardashian friend Malika Haqq, and retired politician Ann Widdecombe, just to name a few.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, what constitutes a celebrity is liberally construed in today’s world.

Carter Matt notes that if American fans expect Celebrity Big Brother to be overflowing with big stars, they are “probably going to be disappointed.” The website indicates it would be “shocked” if the CBB US cast is even anywhere close to recent casts who have taken the stage on Dancing with the Stars.


What can’t be disputed is that the Big Brother franchise is extremely popular in the U.S., but high expectations for CBB US may result in great viewer disappointment as the cast is ushered in. In addition, the notion that the long-running CBB UK may be axed could also be a bad omen for CBB US, indicating viewers are no longer satisfied with watching D-list celebrities, who often have an unhealthy air of self-importance, live among one another in a large house for a few weeks.

Hopefully, the Big Brother franchise will continue to thrive in the U.K. and CBB US will be a big hit, possibly becoming a regular staple of the American version of the franchise. Thus, only time will tell if the series has run its course in the U.K. and if the U.S. version will launch and be given major accolades.

The first season of the American version of Celebrity Big Brother premieres on February 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. The longtime host of the Big Brother franchise, Julie Chen, returns to take the helm of CBB US as well.

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