‘Mama June: From Not To Hot’: Fans Wonder Why Jessica Shannon Isn’t There This Season, Details Revealed

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If you are watching this season of Mama June: From Not to Hot, you may have noticed that Jessica Shannon isn’t there. The only daughters on the show are Pumpkin and Alana. Life & Style shared the details about why Jessica isn’t there and what is going on.

June doesn’t have a relationship with oldest daughter Anna Cardwell, but that isn’t the case with Jessica Shannon. However, she isn’t living at home and has really moved on to do something else — reality show isn’t her life now. She actually graduated from high school two years ago and has since gone to college.

According to her social networks, it doesn’t look like she has a boyfriend. The family actually made a move that was a little over an hour away, and when they did this Jessica didn’t go and wanted to end up sticking around for school. She graduated from Wilkinson County High School in McIntyre, Georgia. She posts on social networks once in a while about how things are going for her now.

It is a bit surprising that she isn’t on the show at all and they don’t even talk about her. They haven’t said a thing about her so far this season, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t getting along. Jessica has just moved on from her reality television life and is doing her own thing. It would be great if she showed up from time to time, though.


Now when it comes to Anna, she doesn’t even talk to her mom anymore. This is very sad because Mama June Shannon was very close to her granddaughter and now Anna has another child. Pumpkin just had her first child and she is still living at home with her mom. So far, Jessica doesn’t have any children of her own and seems to be working on getting her education.

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Don’t miss the new episodes of Mama June: From Not to Hot when they air on Friday nights on WE. Maybe fans will get lucky and Jessica Shannon will end up showing up at least for one episode. Everyone just got the chance to meet June’s new boyfriend.