Camille Kostek Pictures: Meet Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend, A ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Model

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Camille Kostek was Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend, then she was not, and now she may be again.

The New England Patriots tight end has been notoriously single for as long as he’s been a star in the NFL, connected to a series of attractive young women but never committing to a serious relationship. His love life is now back in the spotlight as the Patriots move to within a game of the Super Bowl, and many eyes are turning back to Camille Kostek.

Gronkowski and Kostek were connected late last year and early this year, but reports in February claimed that the two had broken up. In February, Maxim noted that the two had split up, but in May the Daily Mail noted that the two had “rekindled” their romance.

It’s not clear whether the two are “on” or “off” as the Patriots prepare for the AFC Championship Game, but there is plenty of attention on whether Rob Gronkowski has a girlfriend, and pictures of Camille Kostek are going viral online.

Kostek gained fame in her own right this year when Sports Illustrated chose her as one of the 15 finalists in its rookie model search. Pictures of Camille Kostek posing in a bikini spread across the internet, where she earned plenty of fans for her unconventional height (5-foot-8, a bit on the short side for a model) and her curvier physique.

As she gained fame, Kostek said she hoped to be seen as more than just Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend.

“I’ve learned I don’t want to be quoted [about Gronk] anymore,” Kostek told the New York Post. “This is the year of Camille… It’s been refreshing to have it be about me.”


But there were signs that Gronkowski may be ready to get more serious with Camille Kostek. The noted that he looked to be ready to settle down when the pair were spotted midway through this year, after their apparent reunion.

There are signs that the two may still be together now, including a video Kostek posted celebrating the team’s win last week.

More pictures of Rob Gronkowski’s (sometimes) girlfriend Camille Kostek, including some of her Sports Illustrated bikini pictures, can be seen here.