Video Of Trump Giving Ivanka An ‘Open-Mouthed’ Kiss On Cheek Shared More Than 1,000 Times Shows Just A Peck

Call it the photo that launched a thousand page views. When President Donald Trump visited H&K Equipment in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, he called Ivanka Trump up to the stage to say a few words to Trump supporters at the rally. And when photographer Jeff Swensen captured and submitted the above image of Trump leaning over to kiss Ivanka to Getty Images, he may not have imagined the hubbub that would follow the image. Instead of folks talking about the Trumps touring the rental and sales company’s factory, what followed was a narrative about the “awkward” way that Trump kissed his daughter. It was a storyline that left reporters digging for video of the event.

The Mirror seemed to start the controversy with an article titled “Is that how you kiss your daughter? Donald Trump gives Ivanka a pretty full-on kiss.” However, while that article gained nearly 2,000 Facebook shares, the article itself says “video unavailable,” therefore, it doesn’t give a full picture of the event. Even Ivanka’s own video of the event, as seen below from her verified Twitter page, cuts away just as the kiss happens — although the peck can be heard via audio — and doesn’t include the footage that another publication has captured.

As noted in the Independent article titled “People are sharing this ‘awkward’ moment between Donald Trump and Ivanka,” video footage of the event proves that while the cameras may have captured Trump going in for the open-mouthed kill, in actuality Trump seemed to plant a quick kiss on his daughter’s cheek. As reported by the publication, it wouldn’t be the first time that Trump’s actions and words towards or about Ivanka have given people pause.

In the article titled “Donald Trump kissed daughter Ivanka in a really creepy way: People are cringing,” by Metro, video of the kiss has been shown twice to give viewers a closer look. That article has been shared nearly 250 times on Facebook. Other similarly-titled articles about Trump’s alleged “pretty full-on kiss” for Ivanka have gained nearly 2,000 shares on the social media platform. On Twitter, folks have taken the photo and zoomed in on it, cropping it to show the elder Trump’s lips parted as they near Ivanka’s cheek.

Disputes arose over whether or not Trump was whispering close to Ivanka’s ear or actually kissing her, with the video now proving that Trump appeared to plant a short kiss on his daughter’s cheek before taking back the microphone.

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