Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson 2018: ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Actor Shares Horrifying Experience, Slams Split Rumors

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Many fans are now thrilled about the upcoming premiere of the Fifty Shades Freed movie. Based on the trailers, avid followers of the popular American erotic drama film series certainly have a lot of things to watch out for in the imminent motion picture that is based on E.L. James’ novels. Recently, Jamie Dornan opened up about an awkward encounter while filming with Dakota Johnson.

The husband of Amelia Warner dropped by The Graham Norton Show on Friday along with veteran stars Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren. During his appearance, the Fifty Shades Freed star recalled an awkward encounter before filming sex scenes with Dakota Johnson for the erotic drama film series. Jamie Dornan revealed that he got surprised after learning that he was not the first user of his modesty cup.

Daily Mail shared that Jamie Dornan was asked to choose from a selection of wee cups, which were needed whenever he taped steamy scenes with Dakota Johnson. After he found one that fit his size, the Fifty Shades Freed star checked the modesty cup and noticed a label saying “Inmate number three.” Amelia Warner’s better half admitted that he was “horrified” after he read the tag.

“Clearly, it had been worn before! I just had to grin and bear it.”

In the same interview, Jamie Dornan also shared how he used to cut up wigs and paste them onto his private parts. The Fifty Shades Freed actor said this was one of his tactics to attract women during his younger years.

“I was quite small and wasn’t hairy at all – I was 15 and looked seven,” the on-screen partner of Dakota Johnson said. “On one particular day, I was in an amateur drama play and was going to a party after,” he went on.

A night before his epic appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Jamie Dornan enjoyed a date night with wife Amelia Warner. The Fifty Shades Freed star and his significant other were spotted at the Soho House VIP relaunch party on Thursday. Dakota Johnson’s leading man sported a navy blue suit while his partner donned a black shirt topped with a striped monochrome blazer.

The recent sighting took place almost a year since it was reported that Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner’s marriage was on the rocks. Rumors suggested that the Fifty Shades Freed star and Dakota Johnson have been cheating on the 35-year-old singer-musician. However, during an interview with The Telegraph, The Fall star vehemently denied the claims and said that filming erotic scenes did not affect his relationship with his wife.

“The more public interest there is in you, the more horrible people become. People start to say disgusting things about your family, about your children.”

Catch the forthcoming Fifty Shades Freed movie on Feb. 9, 2018. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson!