‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For February Sweeps: Baby Scare Leads To Nelle & Ava Uniting After Carly Attacks

John Sciulli / Joe Scarnici / Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for February sweeps reveal that Nelle (Chloe Lanier), Carly (Laura Wright) and Ava (Maura West) may play off against each other for an action-packed storyline on this ABC soap opera. These soap divas will face off in the name of their children, both born and unborn. Nelle will try to use her unborn baby with Michael (Chad Duell) to her advantage, while Carly will stand up for her son. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly won’t buy any of Nelle’s manipulation tactics and won’t be afraid to stand up to her time and again. Unfortunately, this may have an adverse effect on the baby’s health, which will create a prime opportunity for Ava and her daughter Avery (Ava and Grace Scarola).

Carly’s biggest fear right now is that Michael will take Nelle back. He has told his mother that they will only raise their child together, but she is afraid that Nelle will use the baby to get her hooks into him again, according to the latest spoilers. General Hospital fans can expect a showdown during February sweeps. Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Carly will threaten Nelle after she sees her taking advantage of Michael. Nelle won’t waste any time in playing Michael against his mother. She could fake pain after the confrontation (of course, it may also be real) in a bid to score brownie points with Michael.

General Hospital spoilers, via Soap Central, indicate that Nelle tries some of Carly’s own tactics. She and Ava will pair up to take down their common enemy. Ava has always hated Sonny, even more so after restricting her time with Avery so severely. Nelle and Ava will concoct a plan which will have benefits for both of them. General Hospital spoilers suggest they might try and use Carly’s confrontation as leverage and try to prove that Carly intentionally tried to cause Nelle to have a miscarriage. This could result in Ava having a chance to obtain better visitation rights to her daughter. Nelle could then also set herself up for life with Michael’s sympathy and a fat chunk of change to boot.

Of course, ever since Ava’s standalone episode, viewers have been rooting for her to spend more time with Avery. Perhaps she will find redemption through her daughter. However, General Hospital spoilers for February sweeps tease that Carly and Nelle are in for a bumpy ride.