Galaxy X: Samsung’s Foldable Stunner Might Be Beaten By LG’s Dual-Hybrid Concept

While LG’s flagship phones have not really been that fortunate in the smartphone market, the South Korean conglomerate remains a formidable force in the tech industry. Just recently, new patents from LG have emerged online, seemingly suggesting that the smartphone maker is preparing to meet Samsung head-on when it releases one of its most highly anticipated devices to date — the Galaxy X.

The road to the Galaxy X has been very long. Since the first years of the decade, Samsung’s foldable displays have been fuelling rumors left and right. Despite speculations and leaks suggesting that the South Korean tech giant is close to releasing its game-changing device, Samsung has stubbornly kept the Galaxy X away from public release.

Just recently, reports emerged that a working prototype of the handset was shown at a private meeting at CES but even then, the release date of the hybrid smartphone remains unknown. While details of the rather secretive meeting are few, rumors point to the idea that the South Korean tech giant is about to begin the Galaxy X’s production by the end of 2018, as noted in a report from The Investor.

Considering these latest reports, it seems like Samsung is planning to hold off on the Galaxy X for another year again. With the pace of the smartphone industry in mind, however, the decision to delay the Galaxy X once more might ultimately end up being Samsung’s undoing.

This is because just recently, a series of patents emerged showing that LG, Samsung’s archrival in its home country of South Korea, is also looking into the development of at least two foldable smartphone concepts. Quite interestingly, LG’s foldable designs look incredibly refined and feasible, considering the technology available in the mobile market today.

As noted in an Android Central report, LG’s foldable hybrid designs feature pretty much the same idea as the Galaxy X. The first of LG’s patents reveal a smartphone that is essentially made up of two frames housing a single screen. When opened, the device is an unmistakable tablet, and when closed the smartphone will adopt a narrow candy bar design. A second display on the candy bar frame would feature pertinent information and alerts, and a camera module would be placed on the back of the handset.

LG’s second foldable patent is even more interesting with the design featuring a back panel that moves to the side, revealing a clear section of the primary display. The transparent area will be utilized for notifications and other important information about the smartphone.

One thing that is notable with LG’s designs is the fact that they are incredibly refined. While this might practically be the first time that LG’s foldable concepts are emerging from the rumor mill, the designs of the smartphones in the patents look like they are ready for production. If this is indeed the case, the Galaxy X might end up with a formidable rival when Samsung finally decides to unveil it to the mobile market.

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