Meghan Markle And The Royals: Does Queen Elizabeth II Approve Of The Beauty? It Seems So

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Royal enthusiasts simply cannot get enough of Meghan Markle lately, since the Suits star became officially engaged to Prince Harry, 5th in line for the British throne. The beauty initially was the subject of negative backlash and criticism when Harry first admitted that he and Markle were in a relationship. Mainly the negativity came down to Meghan’s prior marriage, race and family background.

How things have changed since the prince spoke up for his soon-to-be-wife and the actress transitioned into the royal family. Meghan has endeared the masses and appears to be just as much princess material as Prince William’s wife, Duchess Kate Middleton is.

The question of the moment is as to whether Queen Elizabeth II truly approves of the engagement or if the monarch is simply bending royal traditions and allowing the nuptials for the happiness of her beloved grandson. It’s worth noting that Meghan Markle managed to get an invite to the royal Christmas celebrations this past December, which marks a first for a non-royal joining the family. This in itself indicates that the Queen had given her full seal of approval to Prince Harry by that point. As In Style notes, it’s also likely that Meghan was given the opportunity because she was away from her own family and it would not have been proper to leave Harry’s future wife without company over the holidays.

As the publication notes, “it might not have been such a big deal after all. If you ask royal expert and Queen Elizabeth’s officer of arms Alastair Bruce, the unconventional move had less to do with tradition and more to do with support.”

Bruce went on to admit that it would not be “human” of the royals to not offer Meghan Markle an invite to their Christmas Day festivities after just becoming engaged and being in London to spend time with her fiance.

“Now she’d normally go off and stay with her family, wouldn’t she? Well, here we have a fiancée who lives in the United States of America. Of course, she can come and stay. I mean, they’re only human,” Bruce states.

In addition, the subject of divorce and a previous marriage for Markle is of no concern to Elizabeth, whose own son remarried and in saying so, his now-wife Camilla Parker, had also been married before. The matter of Markle’s faith also was raised as a subject of contention, yet there are no rules in place that disallow the prince from marrying a bride who has a Jewish upbringing and faith.


A lot of emphasis has been placed on Markle’s family and background, as the Mirror notes, due to the broken home she came from and the manner in which a couple of her half-siblings have behaved.

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Bruce went on to point out that a lot has been made about these various subjects and many have wondered what the Queen really thinks, but that Queen Elizabeth is far less concerned and more open than many would imagine her to be.

“The queen is entirely utilitarian and constructive, so I see it as human natural sense, and that’s applied to how she set about the coronation, how she looks at the crowns today, and how she wants to be supportive to a future granddaughter-in-law.”