Pennsylvania Man Kyle Parker Arrested After Allegedly Performing Bloody ‘Satanic Ritual’ On Passed Out Friend

A 21-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested after allegedly cutting his female friend in what is being called a bizarre and bloody “Satanic ritual.” As Fox News reports, Kyle Parker allegedly used the words himself to describe the January 10 razor slashing of his unidentified friend-turned-victim, telling her, “I sold your soul to the Devil.”

The headline-grabbing drama reportedly began when Parker allegedly slashed his female pal with a razor during a “heated argument” at his home, cutting her palm. The then-hyperventilating victim reportedly passed out, and when she woke, she claims that Parker was in the midst of using the same razor to slice up one of her calves, and that it had been cut multiple times. After making the discovery, the victim, who has also been referred to as her attacker’s girlfriend, called a friend to pick her up from Kyle Parker’s home.

According to a police affidavit, the victim returned to Parker’s residence the following day to pick up her vehicle, which she had left behind when she fled the scene of her alleged attack the day before. It was then that the victim claims that she again encountered Kyle Parker, who she says told her that he had sold her soul to the devil in a Satanic ritual during the attack. It was after that conversation that law enforcement became involved in the case.

As Trib-Live reports, Kyle Parker was arrested and charged with simple assault and harassment in connection with the incident, and he is currently behind bars. A Westmoreland County set his bail at $75,000, which he has yet to post. As the video above indicates, neighbors the alleged Satanic slasher claim that they believe that Parker is less devoted to worshiping the Devil than he is simply going for “shock value” and “wants people to be afraid of him.

“He has done stuff like this before…in the past.”

Indeed, Parker’s recent alleged attack on his female friend isn’t the first time that the Pennsylvania man has found himself in trouble with the law for committing an act of criminal violence. In 2014, Kyle Parker allegedly shot his then-roommate, Anthony Venturella, in the chest with a.22 caliber sawed-off rifle, as well as stole Christmas gifts and cash from eight others.

He went on to plead guilty to those charges in 2016 and was sentenced to 11-and-a-half to 23 months in the county prison as well as three years of post-release probation. Parker was also reportedly sentenced to undergo drug and alcohol treatment and pay restitution, with at least at least $54,000 of that money going to cover his victim’s substantial medical bills.

It is unknown if this month’s razor-slashing incident may constitute a violation of Parker’s probation.

Police have not said if Kyle Parker’s most recent alleged victim required medical care for the razor cuts she sustained during his self-proclaimed Satanic ritual. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 24.

Stock photo of ‘Satanic’ ritual still life.
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