January 20, 2018
'Harry Potter' Brunch Coming To Canada This Summer

Canadian Harry Potter fans, some of them at least, will soon be able to celebrate brunch, Hogwarts style, with a special themed meal coming to two major cities in the country this July. The exciting news was announced on January 18.

As reported by Narcity, only two Canadian cities will partake in the upcoming Harry Potter event: Toronto and Vancouver. The date, which has yet to be confirmed, will occur in July and most die-hard fans believe it will take place on the 31st of the month, as this date has two significant meanings within the fandom; it is not only the birth date of the saga's main character, but also that of its creator, J.K. Rowling.

Those fans lucky enough to procure tickets, which are not yet on sale, will enjoy a mid-morning/early afternoon magical feast, including some of the most iconic Harry Potter treats, with Hogsmeade's butterbeer being perhaps the most highly anticipated. A pre-registration has already been set up on the event's official website, and is expected to fill up quickly.

The brunch is being organized by those who masterminded not only the Lego Bar, but also the Hot Tub Movie Night. Potions will be brewed, Quidditch will be played, and magic lessons will be available for those wishing to truly live out a scene from these highly-coveted literary works. The venue, however, is still being kept under wraps at this time.

This is not the first that a Harry Potter-themed event has been hosted in North America in the past year; in November of 2017, a brunch was held in Baltimore, Maryland, and was an immense success. It was organized and hosted by The Point in Fells, and sold out almost immediately. In fact, a second date had to be added quite soon after the event's initial announcement due to the intense demand received by the first one.

Harry Potter remains one of the highest-grossing sagas of all time, with the movies accumulating some $7.7 billion to date, and the books selling over 400 million copies throughout 200 territories. The series' creator, J.K. Rowling, has a net worth of just less than $1 billion, making her the world's richest author to date.