Jinger Duggar Shows Off Her Maternity Style In Short Skirt As She And Jeremy Vuolo Are Dubbed A 'Power Couple'

Jinger Duggar doesn't have to wear pants to send her fans into a fashion frenzy. The Counting On star's admirers can't seem to get enough of seeing her in skinny jeans, but they were also blown away by the more sophisticated style that Jinger showed off during a recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

On Friday, Jinger Duggar and her husband, Texas pastor Jeremy Vuolo, sat down for a radio interview with Chris Arnzen, the host of the Christian radio show Iron Sharpens Iron. The interview took place at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, where the G3 Conference is currently taking place. Jeremy was invited to speak at the event, and his pregnant wife joined him on his trip to the Peach State.

Jeremy Vuolo shared an Instagram snapshot that was taken during the radio interview, and some of his followers were really excited to see that Jinger Duggar was included in the conversation with Chris Arnzen.

"Jinger is getting all kinds of wonderful new experiences," read one response to Jeremy's photo.

Fans also commented on Jinger Duggar's polished and professional maternity wear. The pregnant Duggar daughter is sitting down at a table in the image that her husband shared, so her stomach and the bottom half of her outfit can't be seen. She's wearing an unbuttoned light gray blazer over a black shirt or dress with an embellished neckline.

"You look so lovely and professional Jinger!" remarked one fan.

"Beautiful outfit Jinger!" another wrote.

Jeremy Vuolo's dark suit and yellow tie also got a little love, but he was only mentioned as one half of the prayerful "power couple" that he and his wife have become.

"Love the outfits on both of you, gives a power couple effect!!"
A few hours after Jeremy posted his picture, Jinger shared a photo of herself and a female friend on her Instagram page. The snapshot was taken outdoors in the snow, so the pregnant Duggar daughter's baby bump is covered up underneath a thick coat. It's difficult to tell whether she's wearing the same outfit as she is in the radio interview photo, but what is obvious is that she's rocking a dress that's very short by Duggar standards; her thigh-length skirt is just a few inches longer than her jacket.However, as you can see, Jinger made sure to keep her legs warm by wearing a pair of thick tights underneath her dress. She competed her look with a pair of high-heeled ankle booties.

Even though the chilly weather made it impossible for the Duggar daughter to give her fans their first good look at her baby bump, they loved her look so much that they didn't seem to care about her pregnant belly being covered up.

"Jinger you look fabulous!" remarked one of the Counting On star's Instagram followers.

"You've always been beautiful but ever since you got married you just glow and you've gotten even more stylish!" another commented.

Other fans responded to Jinger Duggar's Instagram post by asking her how far along into her pregnancy she is. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Duggar daughter hasn't shared her exact due date, but the website for her husband's church says that it's sometime in July.