Douglas Kennedy Sues Nurses Over Maternity Ward Confrontation

Douglas Kennedy, son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, is suing two nurses over the maternity ward fight that took place last year.

Kennedy’s lawsuit claims that the remarks made on the Today show by the nurses led to him being prosecuted. He also believes their statements contributed to the ridicule he has received since the fight took place. According to The Associated Press, Douglas is suing for Cari Luciano and Anna Lane for defamation and malicious prosecution.

Elliot Taub, the lawyer representing both nurses, declared that Kennedy’s lawsuit against his clients was a “sham, baseless, and nothing other than his attempt at retaliation. It’s his attempt to blame the victims.”

However, Kennedy’s lawyer feels a little differently about the situation. He said:

“The spirit and intent of this suit is, in part, to discourage further invasions of privacy and defamatory personal attacks.”

NBC News reports that RFK’s son is also claiming that Luciano assaulted him when he attempted to take his newborn baby out for a little fresh air. Kennedy’s wife claims the incident resulted in emotional distress and a breach of privacy of her medical records.

The lawsuit against the nurses is the result of an incident which took place last year at the Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco. Kennedy claims he was only trying to go outside with his baby when the nurses decided to intervene. A large portion of the confrontation was captured by security cameras.

Although the nurses testified that Kennedy assaulted them while putting his newborn child in harm’s way, Douglas was later acquitted of the charges against him. The judge ultimately determined that Kennedy wasn’t trying to hurt the child. In fact, it was actually the nurse’s actions that put the baby in danger.

The hospital has yet to respond to Kennedy’s pending lawsuit. Do you think he should sue the nurses over the confrontation at the hospital?