Carrie Underwood Receives Touching Present After Facial Injury, 'This Makes Me Feel So Good'

Carrie Underwood might have been staying under the radar when it came to public appearances following a fall in November that left her with a broken wrist and 40 to 50 stitches to her face, but that hasn't stopped the star's loyal fans from rallying around her and letting her know that she'll always be beautiful no matter what she looks like.

Though Carrie has only been spotted out and about once since the nasty fall outside her home two months ago, Underwood received a very sweet gift put together by a number of her fans this week. The gift appeared to lift her spirits as she continues to spend some time at home to recover with husband Mike Fisher (who she sweetly gushed over earlier this week) and their 2-year-old son, Isaiah.

The country superstar – who dropped her latest single "The Champion" with rapper Ludacris for NBC's Super Bowl and Winter Olympics coverage last week – tweeted that she was feeling "so good" after her fans let her know just how beautiful she really is.

Carrie gushed over the present on Twitter on January 18 after fans sent her a collage of photos showing themselves holding up several letters that spelled out the words, "Carrie you are beautiful. We love you!"

"HERE IT IS! I got a ton of Carebears to help me make this for Carrie!!" Underwood fan @allylovescarrie wrote alongside the photo. "Carrie, we all love youuu."

And it seems like the heartfelt gift from some of her fans, often referred to as Carebears, most definitely boosted the country star's confidence.

Replying to the tweet, Underwood said, "You guys are so sweet! This makes me feel so good! Thank you!" alongside two heart emojis.

The tweet has since received more than 3,000 likes from the mom of one's followers, many of whom also sent loving messages to the "Dirty Laundry" singer in the wake of her fall.

"Carrie we love you so freaking much no matter what. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will EVER change that," tweeted one social media user, while another told the star via the social media site, "Thanks for being such a great role model for young ladies to look up to. Hope you are on the mend and doing well."

"We do love you! Your appearance is not who you are, it's your heart!" another sweetly added after the singer thanked her fans for their efforts putting together the picture project for her.

The incredibly sweet present from a handful of her fans was likely in response to the news Carrie shared with fans a few weeks ago on New Year's Eve. Underwood confirmed in an incredibly personal blog post that her fall in November had actually been quite a bit more serious than she initially confirmed.

Carrie Underwood's fans sent her a present to make her feel beautiful

Though Underwood revealed at the time that she'd broken her wrist and would need some time to recover, she then confirmed in late 2017 that she had unfortunately also required 40 to 50 stitches to her face.

Per People, Carrie added in the blog post, which was posted to her official Fan Club website, that even seven weeks after she had her initial surgery immediately after the fall that she was still "not quite looking the same" and may look a little different when she returns to the spotlight.

Underwood has only been photographed in public once since her fall. Former Below Deck star Adrienne Gang snapped a photo with the mom of one at a gym in Nashville in mid-December, though Carrie then shared a selfie showing her face wrapped in a scarf just a few days later.