Trump ‘March For Life’ Abortion Speech Mistakes, Slurred Speech: Wrong To Allow A Baby To Be Born In 9th Month

President Donald Trump left people scratching their heads when he made the following statement about abortion that caused confusion and unleashed a fury of tweets from people wondering what Trump intended to say. It appeared Trump meant to say a baby is “torn” from its mother’s womb in the ninth month of gestation, but instead, Trump read “born” from its mother’s womb. Trump also appeared to slur his speech once more as he spoke about the March for Life entering its 45th year.

“Right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. It is wrong. It has to change.”

President Trump was speaking at the White House in the Rose Garden to the March for Life participants on Friday, January 19 when he made the statement, which can be seen in the below video from the Daily Beast. Also in attendance were other pro-life leaders, who were there to participate in the March for Life events that happen near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as the president spoke via satellite to a larger crowd.

Roe v. Wade represents a Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, which happened on January 22, 1974. Trump also posted a video on his own Instagram account that spoke of a baby being the gift of life itself, as he declared America’s future would be filled with good things for “every child of God.” Trump said life was the reason people march and pray over the abortion issue. Trump did not seem to include the below faux pas in his video that was posted to his social media accounts.

As seen in the below video, Vice President Mike Pence welcomed everyone to the 45th annual March for Life. When President Trump seemed to liken the 45th annual March for Life to his presidency as No. 45, he once again appeared to slur his words.

Pence said that Trump, who the vice president dubbed the “most pro-life president in history,” will ensure that judges who uphold the Constitution will represent the nation and defend the most vulnerable members of society. Pence said that love saves lives and the passion and activism prayers of the pro-life generation are saving lives.

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