Ivanka Trump Removes ‘Advocate For Education And Empowerment Of Women And Girls’ From Bio

The first daughter’s bio on social media reveals that she is no longer an advocate for women and girls.

The 36-year-old declared herself a feminist at the beginning of the Trump presidency. However, it looks as if Ivanka Trump might be backpedaling on her support,Vogue is reporting.

The story reveals that the mother of three had actually changed her bio information on Twitter and Instagram on New Year’s Day. However, most people honed in on the fact that she only changed her location to Washington D.C.

Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner moved to D.C. with their kids shortly after Trump’s inauguration a year ago. The pair had reportedly told friends that they were only going to be there for the short-term while they evaluated their next move over the next few months. So the bio change buzz was really about the first daughter and her family finally agreeing to settle down in the nation’s capital.

But in the wake of the second annual women’s march over the weekend, it was discovered that the first daughter had edited her profile and removed all ties connecting her to feminine causes. The nationwide attention towards gender issues had struck a chord with many women, who slated the 36-year-old’s slow-motion advocacy in the White House.

According to Bustle, Ivanka’s new bio now reads, “Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Advisor to POTUS on job creation +economic empowerment, workforce development & entrepreneurship, Personal Pg. Views are my own.”

The social media landscape went agog after MSNBC anchorwoman Stephanie Ruhle tweeted about it.

“As the #womensmarch2018 weekend comes to a close please note @IvankaTrump has recently changed her @Twitter bio—IT NO LONGER INCLUDES Entrepreneur + passionate advocate for the education and empowerment of women and girls.”

The Twitter responses have been immense with many people mocking the first daughter of finally being honest with herself that she was always a “fake feminist.”

Vogue’s Michelle Ruiz agrees with this, adding that Ivanka Trump was “finally getting real and admitting the truth to herself…we gave up on her long ago. Maybe she’s finally giving up too.”

The first daughter, who has also described her father as a feminist, according to a Time article has achieved little or nothing on issues affecting women and girls. She supported her father’s decision to push back an Obama-era same pay provision, saying that she did not believe it would yield the right results, CNN reported.

In another investigative story by The Guardian, her project of having paid family leave for all Americans is yet to materialize.

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