Carrie Prejean hate index edges up with obnoxious Larry King interview

Carrie Prejean is continuing her media blitz, promoting her new book while insulting old media fixtures like Barbara Walters and Larry King with impunity.

Prejean’s interviews of late have been full of rage and insistence that she’s been “Sarah Palin-ized,” and she assumes she has a large base of supporters for her “courage.” She appeared on Larry King Live last night, treating King, who has been interviewing celebrities and politicians for probably three times as long as Prejean has lived, with disdain and bringing to mind an unhelpful customer service representative at the airport. Totally maverick, Carrie! You go, rogue!

Prejean smiles cattily and condescendingly tells King he’s being “inappropriate,” over and over, before Larry drops his not-unreasonable line of questioning to take callers. Just as the first caller is patched through and asks a reasonable, well-thought out question, Prejean removes her mike (so she cannot “hear” nor be heard) and smiles bitchily while Larry and the crew try to communicate with her- all of this live on television. She just shakes her head and informs them she cannot hear them, ignoring the caller and talking to some person off-stage whose presence seems surprising to King.

Regardless of her “bravery” in speaking out to marginalize an already marginalized group, I don’t see how anyone can find this woman tolerable, much less worthy of commendation. She clearly has an inflated sense of self importance and relevance that doesn’t befit her position, and her insistence on milking her only achievement was wearing thin three months ago. Also, the fact that this whole scandal erupts as her book is released? It makes her attitude even more grating, if that’s possible. Go away, Carrie Prejean. No one likes you.

Below, the original clip and Anderson Cooper’s assessment, which is also the TL;DR version: