‘Canterbury Cannibal’ Quietly Moved To Nebraska From U.K. As A Free Man Sparking Fear And Fury In Neighborhood

A 64-year-old man dubbed the “Canterbury Cannibal” was released from prison in the U.K. and returned to the U.S. without the police knowing he was arriving in their Nebraska town. He is not under arrest or legally needing to serve more time in prison, yet he was brought to the Washington County Jail on Monday, and the public has no idea why. He will be a free man living in Blair, Nebraska.

Dale Bolinger, a 62-year-old former nurse, was convicted of attempting to rape and eat a teenage girl. Sheriff Mike Robinson of Blair, Nebraska, is as perplexed as the community regarding the switch of Bolinger’s address from the U.K. to Nebraska. Although he lived in England, Bolinger is an American national, according to Fox News.

The “Canterbury Cannibal” registered as a sex offender earlier this month, which drew attention to his presence in Blair, Nebraska, sparking major concerns among the people of that town. Robinson said he can’t legally tell the public why Bolinger is being held in their jail, he “cannot say anything.”

He is not charged with any crime and is not under arrest. The plans call for Bolinger to take up residence in the area, and Robinson told the press that the local authorities were not notified of his past crimes before he showed up in Blair.

Robins added, “We don’t know why we weren’t notified. Since they knew he was going to be living in Washington County, why they didn’t invite us to go to the airport with them to meet him?”

Robinson agreed with the concerns that the people of Blair are voicing today.

He said, “I don’t think there is anyone here that would want somebody like that to be their neighbor, especially if they have young children.”

Robinson also said that he’s received multiple calls from the residents in the area who are concerned about Bolinger living in the area, and he expressed how law enforcement members are just as frustrated by this news as the people of Blair are today.

There are many unanswered questions regarding the case of the “Canterbury Cannibal” today, starting with why he was released from prison after being sentenced in 2014 to nine years behind bars. He received that sentence from the Canterbury Crown Court after he exchanged messages with someone he believed to be a 14-year-old Mexican girl named Eva, and those messages were of a sexual nature, according to the BBC News.

The messages explained what he was going to do to the girl sexually before he killed her. He then brought an ax the day before he planned to meet her at the Ashford International Railway station back in September of 2012. The girl did not show up for that meeting. When apprehended, he told police that he was “interested in children as food” and that he had a computer disc with images of a girl with an apple in her mouth lying on top of a platter.

He confessed to having these cannibalistic thoughts since he was about 6-years-old, but he considered them more fantasy thoughts than anything else. Judge Adele Williams, who was the judge overseeing Bolinger’s U.K. case, deemed his behavior as “abhorrent, shocking and dangerous.” This was not the only crime allegedly committed by Bolinger. As a nurse at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, he admitted to 10 other charges, including administering a poisonous and noxious substance after putting a cleaning fluid-soaked cloth over a friend’s face back in 2010.

“He also pleaded guilty to making indecent pseudo-photographs of children and seven counts of publishing an obscene article,” reports BBC News.

After he was evaluated by psychiatrists, it was determined that he was not suffering from “any form of mental illness.” Below is the warning posted to the residents of Blair, Nebraska, upon Bolinger’s arrival in that town.

Bollinger is a father of three kids and was married for 34 years besides having a career as a nurse. At the time of Bollinger’s capture, the police in the U.K. worked closely with other law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, to uncover his identity from his online usage. He used a number of pseudonyms including “Meatmarketman.”

Back in the U.K., Detective Superintendent Tim Smith said, “There is no doubt in my mind that Bolinger represents a real and great danger to the public.”

The Omaha World-Herald reported British authorities were made aware of Bolinger’s behavior when his name showed up online during the former New York City Police officer Gilberto Valle’s case. Valle was dubbed the “cannibal cop” after his wife came forward when finding he had created detailed plans to kidnap women and eat them. “Valle and Bolinger were online buddies who traded messages about their ‘cannibalistic fetishes,'” the Omaha World-Herald reported.

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