Tim Tebow To Debut SOUL Headphones At CES In Las Vegas

tim tebow headphones

The NFL’s most famous backup quarterback has a new pair of headphones on the market. Tim Tebow partnered up with SOUL Electronics to create some hi-definition noise cancelling headphones and he’ll be unveiling them this week at CES.

Tebow is expected in Las Vegas on January 10 to unveil the new headphones which, according to SOUL, were designed and inspired by the New York Jets quarterback.

Lan Kennedy-Davis, CEO of SOUL Electronics USA, said:

“Tim Tebow exemplifies strength and perseverance. We [SOUL] wanted to capture these qualities in his signature headphones, and develop a world-class headphone inspired by a world-class athlete. This series goes beyond great music… for us; it’s about achieving greatness, and Tim Tebow stands for greatness.”

Tebow’s SL300 headphones are sweat proof, hinge-less, have illuminating ear cups and feature noise cancellation that “leaves listeners with only pristine, balanced and clear music.”

The headphones are currently available at SOUL Electronics’ online store for $299.95.

Tebow isn’t the only celebrity who’s got SOUL. Ludacris, Usain Bolt, soccer player Cesc Fabregas, and Dwight Howard also endorse the headphones.