Justin Timberlake Drops A Clue About Another Upcoming Song

American singer Justin Timberlake dropped a cryptic message on Twitter yesterday and revealed another upcoming song. The latest track, released on Thursday, is titled “Supplies” and is the second song to drop for his upcoming fifth studio album.

The entry scene into Timberlake’s musical production has the performer sitting in front of a TV that’s showing violent news clips.

The video footage features a post-apocalyptic world. In addition, film producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, and President Donald Trump appear in the video. What the video is alluding to is that all three have been accused of sexual misconduct, according to the Hill.

“Hollywood film producer Weinstein and former ‘House of Cards’ actor Spacey pop up in split-second appearances on some of the screens. Trump is shown on another of the television monitors, along with images of protesters carrying a sign supporting the #MeToo movement.”

The song features “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams, who is responsible for the production of the video. For Timberlake, this is a rare occasion for him to highlight political messages in his music videos.

Elsewhere, his album Man of the Woods is scheduled for release on February 2. In his “Supplies” video, he shows a scene where a woman wears a shirt that shows the message “P—y Grabs Back.” This is in reference to a meme that was popular among Trump opponents after the release of a tape during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Timberlake’s political stance comes as no surprise. Last November, Eminem recorded a rap and an a cappella video that targeted president Trump. This trend of embedding political messages in music videos is a different sign of the times.

Aside from dropping another track, Timberlake announced he was preparing a tour for his latest album. As stated by People’s Choice, the singer’s source of inspiration differs from anything he has worked on before.

“The outdoors is the inspiration for a lot of these songs. That’s the main idea. The tour will be able to bring the outside in. How can we bring that to life?” Timberlake said in his announcement on Instagram. “I want people to see the inspiration for how it ended up sounding. I’ve never seen that done before. Bring the outside in.”

It is unclear what sort of reception he will receive, and fans will know more once the rest of the album tracks are released. Timberlake’s timing is impeccable since he is also set to appear and perform at the Super Bowl LII.