‘Dragon Ball’ Releases New Look Of Goku’s Ultra Instinct Form

Dragon Ball Super fandom is still going insane about Goku’s newest transformation that debuted in October 2017 during the anime’s one-hour TV special. It was also the first time that the hero faced off with the strongest fighter of Universe 11, Jiren The Grey, whose power remains formidable up to this date. Ultra Instinct Goku looked different from his other Super Saiyan transformations with his eyes that turn into silver, which got fans wonder if they mirror Zamasu’s. Now, there is another new look of the form that has been released for the video game Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

On Twitter, the official account of Shonen Games shared an advert for Super Dragon Ball Heroes showing Goku in his Ultra Instinct form. Dragon Ball Super has yet to showcase the new form while Goku is going head-to-head against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. The game’s new promo shows the hero in his newest form at the topmost part of the advert, which shows him being beaten. However, his eyes express more danger despite that it only shows a thin silver Ki that surrounds his body.

What keeps the Dragon Ball Super fans buzzing is that the game’s advert shows Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, flexing with a grin plastered on his face and a heaving aura surrounding him. As what Comic Book points out, fans are more fond of the game’s first card compared to the second card.

Dragon Ball Super has yet to prove that Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is better than that of his previous SSJ transformations. When the hero used it for the first time against Jiren, he failed. However, when he recently used the form during his battle against a fighter in the tournament, it seems that Goku is getting the hang of it. The form allows the Saiyan warrior to fight freely, without the need to think of his movements, where he can dodge attacks reflexively.

Fans of Dragon Ball Super are still anxious as to what Ultra Instinct can bring to Goku, especially that he still has to prove to Jiren his power. The muscular humanoid fighter remains untouchable, but fans are hoping it will change soon.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power now shrinks down to only seven minutes. Who will survive?

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