‘Knightfall’ Season 1: Recap Of Episode 7, ‘And Certainly Not The Cripple’

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Here’s the recap for Episode 7 of Knightfall Season 1.

SPOILER ALERT: This recap contains information about Episode 7 (titled “And Certainly Not the Cripple”) of History Channel’s Knightfall Season 1. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

Episode 7 of Knightfall Season 1 opens with Queen Joan of Navarre’s (Olivia Ross) sister, Queen Elena of Catalonia (Claudia Bassols), throwing her hand into the battle for Navarre — well, not her hand, but that of the hands of an Navarre troop member.

When Joan finds out about her sister’s desire to take over Navarre, she decides she wants to head straight there. Her husband, King Philip (Ed Stoppard), however, will not allow his pregnant wife to make the trip in Episode 7 of Knightfall Season 1. This doesn’t stop Joan, though, and she takes off in the middle of the night.

When she gets to Navarre, the governor there, De Rouvray (James Coombes), lets her know that she will likely have trouble getting the nobles on her side in Episode 7 of Knightfall. This is certainly the case when she meets with them. Joan is persistent, though, as she loves the land given to her by birth. However, when her sister’s gift of a bag full of hands arrives, Joan realizes a parley with her sister needs to be organized.

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While all this is going on, the king decides it is time to sneak out of the palace and behave like a commoner. Enlisting the help of Landry (Tom Cullen), Philip goes drinking in Episode 7 of Knightfall Season 1. He gets into a scuffle and realizes that he has been too close to issues to really see what was in front of him. By this, he means William De Nogaret (Julian Ovenden). The king makes a specific reference then to how everyone lies to the king at one point or another and that Landry just might be his only true friend. He warns Landry to never betray him and the audience is left wondering what will happen if the king ever finds out about Landry’s relationship with Queen Joan.

Speaking of De Nogaret, IGN questioned how the king’s adviser would survive after last week’s episode. However, he is back already, dressed as a beggar, and still trying to find out information he can use. Meeting up with Gawain (Padraic Delaney) in Episode 7 of Knightfall, De Nogaret works on the crippled Templar in an effort to find the Holy Grail.

After Gawain meets with Landry and the Templar Master reveals he has lain with a married woman who is now pregnant, this news is also shared with De Nogaret. Later, in Episode 7 of Knightfall, when De Nogaret hears the queen is pregnant after such a long break, he puts two and two together and works out just which married woman Landry has made pregnant.

While Landry has women problems, he also has Holy Grail problems. Episode 7 of Knightfall sees him travel to the orphanage where he first met Godfrey (Sam Hazeldine). The only problem is that it has been burnt to the ground. Landry automatically assumes the Grail is now lost. However, the strange woman who told them about the fire, now reveals to him that the building did not accidentally burn down, it was done on purpose to help hide the Grail. She can take Landry to this new hiding place.

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Taking Gawain, even though the woman warns against the cripple (and hence the title of Episode 7 of Knightfall), Landry and the woman travel to the new hiding place for the Holy Grail. Once there, the woman lets Landry and Gawain make the final leg of the journey by themselves.

Following a tunnel, they are led to a roofless room that houses an orange tree (and, make of that what you will about a possible link to the Brotherhood of Light). Within the branches of this tree is a box that contains the Holy Grail cup.

Gawain, having been goaded by De Nogaret, as well as deciding God has sent him to be the Judas in this instance, attacks Landry. The Templar Master, however, refuses to kill Gawain and knocks him out rather than kill him in Episode 7 of Knightfall Season 1.

When Landry returns to the woman, she asks him to hide the Grail in a new place. Landry says he’s not hiding it but, rather, taking it to the Pope. The woman tells him this is a terrible mistake and that it will be the death of him.

She also reveals to Landry that she is really his mother.

Finally, Episode 7 of Knightfall Season 1 looks at Parsifal’s (Bobby Schofield) story. Not being able to read, Parsifal asks another of the initiates what the message given to him in Episode 6 of Knightfall says.

“I am in Paris, I need more men. IV.”

Parsifal then goes to Roland (Cengiz Dervis) and demands he reveal who IV is.

When told he is still letting Marie’s death fuel him, Parsifal goes to the Templar tree where he left Marie’s necklace. Taking it back, as well as an axe, he decides to kidnap Roland so he can find out whom he is working for.

Surprisingly, Roland, seeing just how distraught Parsifal is and realizing his death is definitely imminent in Episode 7 of Knightfall, reveals whom he was working for. Parsifal is shocked and immediately heads back to the Temple. Confiding in the initiate who read the message for him turns out to be a mistake, though. Before Parsifal can reveal whom Roland is working for, the initiate kills Parsifal and viewers will have to tune into Episode 9 of Knightfall to find out whom IV really is.

Knightfall returns to History Channel on Wednesday, January 24, at 10 p.m. ET. Zap2It lists the following synopsis for Episode 8 (titled “IV”).

“The Paris Temple of the Knights Templar is under siege; De Nogaret plants doubt in King Philip’s mind; Queen Joan must decide what is best for Navarre.”