Who Got Eliminated On ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Tonight? Episode 3 Results

The nine remaining teams on The Amazing Race Season 30 made their way to Morocco, as things got scaly in a fish challenge and scaling building in the narrow streets. The drama was high, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 3 results from tonight below in our The Amazing Race spoilers.

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 30, the teams made their way to Belgium, as viewers watched them climb a ladder that was suspended in the air, as well as use an old printing press or evaluate the amount of a diamond at a detour. From there, the teams faced the first head-to-head competition in the show’s history. They had to race around an obstacle course carrying bags of fries on a dolly. The winner of each race stayed in the competition, but the loser had to race again. The loser of the final race was eliminated, which happened to be April and Sarah.

Heading to Morocco

The teams kicked things off and would fly to Morocco, where they would search for a fish port. Once there, they had to find three marked bins and then had to stack fish into a tray. Kristi and Jen got lost with their taxi driver, so they got behind the other teams.

Stacking Fish

The port was found and the teams started stacking fish. Cedric and Shawn were not a fan of the fish and smell, as Cedric puked before even getting to the fish. They had to be really precise with the stacking. Cody and Jessica failed on their first try, but got it at the next attempt. Kristi and Jen got there finally, but they moved through it quickly and passed Alex and Conor, who were in last place.

Picking Up Their Travel Partner

The next clue had the teams heading out to find a local, as they would say a local expression to him. They would then be introduced to their travel partner the rest of this leg, which was a Travelocity gnome. Joey and Tim got to the location first, but did not see the guy or gnome and left. This put them behind everyone else on The Amazing Race 2018.

Road Block

For this challenge, one player had to traverse through the city to find their gnome, as the gnome was sent roof-to-roof on a zipline. The teams all seemed to be in the same spot, so this was chaos in the very narrow streets. Cedric got ahead of everyone else, as he did both ziplines and then had to find a telephone to get a secret message. From there, they would run back to their partner and open the next clue.

Phone Booth Drama

Not able to find the phone, Cedric fell behind. Conor and Jen took the lead on this one and headed out. Things were very tight between all of the teams. Brittany got the clue and was heading back to her partner, but she left the gnome. Jessica noticed this, but she was one of the last players at the phone, so she did not say anything to Brittany. She did notice it eventually, as Brittany had to go back and pick up the gnome. Cedric got lost again and ran past his partner’s location, so they moved into last place.


For this challenge, the teams could “Drop It Off,” which had them picking up produce and delivering it to vendors to get a receipt, or “Shake It Off,” which had them bellydancing around a table to find the three words that would tell them the next Pit Stop. Cedric and Shawn did “Drop It Off” and Cedric was very tired, especially after doing the Road Block.

Pit Stop

It was a race to Phil Keoghan tonight on The Amazing Race 30, but it was Henry and Evan winning this leg of the race. After such a rough week last week, they were happy with this win tonight. For winning, they won a trip to Switzerland. It was a close race for the final teams also, but Cedric and Shawn checked in last with Phil. However, it was a non-elimination leg of the race and they were safe tonight. Next week they will have to take on a Speed Bump for not being eliminated tonight.

The Amazing Race 2018 airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.