Michelle Obama, Days After Wowing Fans With Rare Beach Photo, Celebrates 54th Birthday

This weekend Michelle Obama was captured in a rare photo as she walked the sands of Miami Beach for a mother-daughter day in the sun with her eldest girl, Malia Obama. Today is Michelle’s 54th birthday and her husband, the former president of the U.S., added some romance to her special day, which Michelle shared on social media.

It appears the post-White House year has been good for Michelle Obama with folks commenting on how wonderful and relaxed she looks on the beach in a white bikini top and cut-off shorts. She appears to be feeling appreciated today, which is evident in the Instagram post she offered up this morning.

As Time Magazine suggests, “Barack and Michelle Obama’s relationship has been a love story for the ages,” and once again the romance is seen in Barack’s surprise for Michelle on her birthday Wednesday. Michelle, who turned 54 today, January 17, 2018, posted a picture on Instagram of her surprise from Barack, which can be seen below.

Along with that picture, she used the caption to express her feelings for Barack, who is her “best friend” and “biggest fan,” she writes. Michelle also got a wee bit nostalgic, fondly remembering the adventures the two have shared through life.

Most of all she made sure to let her husband know that the bunch of flowers he left for her in her office this morning is something she loves. Michelle wrote on Instagram how getting “notes” and “flowers” from Barack “will never get old” with her. Michelle also took the time to thank all the people who wished her a happy birthday from around the country via cards that they sent her and the birthday wishes posted for her on social media.

Over the weekend Michelle Obama made a rare appearance on a public beach with her daughter Malia. It wasn’t hard to spot the entourage she was with, which looked like a small crowd. While one of her friends also joined the mother-daughter duo on the beach, the bulk of the group around her were Secret Service agents guarding both Michelle and Malia, as described in a previous Inquisitr article. Her appearance was critiqued by both media outlets and social media users, many of whom used words such as “stunning,” “sizzling,” and “gorgeous” to describe her beach get-up.

Today Michelle is back at her Washington, D.C., home after her trip to Miami Beach over the weekend. She’s had quite the start to the year so far, enjoying Miami Beach and then a romantic beginning of the day for her 54th birthday. One thing is for sure, Michelle may be gone from the White House, but she’s certainly not forgotten as her fans couldn’t post enough nice things about her under both her bikini pic and the picture she posted of her birthday flowers.