Leah Messer Shares Private Footage From Her Daughter’s Cheerleading Competition After Fans Beg Her

Leah Messer has been tweeting and Instagramming about her daughter Aleeah’s cheerleading competitions. For weeks, Leah has bragged about how good her daughter is and how her team is doing very well. As it turns out, Messer was completely right about her daughter’s cheerleading skills. However, fans wanted to see what little Aleeah could do. Over the past few months, Leah has shared photos of Aleeah wearing a ton of makeup. People have commented on the amount of makeup she’s been wearing, but Leah has ignored people’s comments.

According to her Instagram account, Leah Messer is now willing to share a private video she’s recorded when her daughter was performing with her cheerleading squad. Leah filmed the entire squad but zoomed in on her daughter later in the video so fans can truly see Aleeah perform. Fans had been asking Leah to share a video, as they have been seeing photos of Aleeah in her uniform and her makeup for a few days. Messer shared the video after fans begged her to share something from the competition. The competition may be a part of the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, as the producers are currently filming with the girls for a brand new season. You can see the private video on her Instagram page.

Leah Messer appears to be very proud of her daughter, Aleeah, as she performs with her cheerleading squad. It is only Aleeah that’s performing, but one can imagine that Ali and Adalynn are there to support their sister as she competes. Leah’s daughter isn’t the only daughter of the Teen Mom 2 franchise, who is competing with a cheerleading team. Jenelle Evans’ stepdaughter, Maryssa, has also been competing with her cheerleading squad, and Jenelle has traveled to support her. It’s been a great bonding experience for them, and Evans has shared footage of them together on her Instagram. They were recently in Florida to compete, where Maryssa’s team won. No word on whether these two girls will meet one another in a competition. They are different ages, so it’s possible they won’t be competing against one another.

Leah Messer may be busy filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2. Fans can expect to see more of Aleeah’s cheerleading competition on Instagram, but possibly also on Teen Mom 2.