Matt Lauer Sex Scandal Details: Disgraced ‘Today’ Host Used Job To Put Moves On Women For 20 Years [Rumors]

Matt Lauer left the Today show amid sexual misconduct allegations, going in a single day from a superstar TV host to a disgraced journalist. But, although details of Lauer’s alleged sex scandal began to leak from the network, an insider told Radar Online that there is more to be revealed about Matt’s rumored “dark side.”

Lauer allegedly used the high-level power inherent in his lofty position at the network to influence management when it came to the women in his life, according to the source. For example, Matt reportedly killed the career of an ex-girlfriend, ordering NBC to take her off the air.

Matt Lauer Allegedly Exchanged ‘Sexual Favors’ From Women For His Career Advice

Although it was only weeks ago that Lauer was fired for sexual misconduct, the insider claims that the sex scandal dates back 20 years.

“Sleazy Matt Lauer’s disgusting history of abusing his Today show position to put the moves on women goes back more than two decades!”

When he was just starting out at NBC, Matt was viewed as a sweet journalist, according to the source. But behind that nice guy exterior, Lauer allegedly had already started to exchange “sexual favors” from women for his career tips and even airtime on the network.

Matt Lauer As ‘Career Killer,’ Devastating Former Gal Pal

For one of Lauer’s former girlfriends, Matt’s alleged practice of putting moves on women at work in exchange for his career help reportedly killed her career.

“[Matt] Lauer was actually behind his ex-fiancée Kristen Gesswein being thrown off the air after her one chance to impress network brass.”

The drama involving Gesswein reportedly began in the early 1990s. Kristen had been working as a newscaster in Waterloo, Iowa. When Matt entered her life, he persuaded her to make the big move to New York. Although that move supposedly was designed to improve her career and their relationship, it reportedly backfired.

According to the source, Gesswein’s personal and professional dreams were destroyed soon after she and Lauer became engaged. Matt was tapped as the next in line to the coveted co-anchor slot.

When Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News, he allegedly left a trail of victims behind him.

With the knowledge that Lauer would replace Bryant Gumbel, he began to prioritize his professional life. That change meant doom for his relationship with Kristen, according to the insider.

Former Today Host Allegedly Left ‘Trail’ Of Victims

Matt subsequently canceled the wedding, leaving Gesswein feeling “devastated,” said the source. Although Lauer told her that he would guide her career, she could only get a gig behind-the-scenes on CNBC’s America’s Talking. Although Kristen did get a one-day chance when the anchor became ill, that opportunity never came again.

Matt’s former fiancée allegedly blamed Lauer and remains “convinced Matt had something to do with” her derailed career, according to the source.

“Matt Lauer has a definite dark side. Lauer left a trail of traumatized women.”

In addition to allegedly dumping Kristen “without so much as a handshake,” Lauer is accused of traumatizing women in his personal life, as well as his career. Former Today production assistant Addie Collins Zinone described her affair with Matt as making her feel like a “hostage.”

Matt Lauer Was Once Known As Man ‘America Could Trust’

Lauer also allegedly cheated on his first wife, TV producer Nancy Alspaugh, and second wife, former model Annette Roque. Commenting on NBC’s decision to fire Matt amid sexual misconduct allegations, the insider described all those women as “victims.” Lauer’s actions are “despicable,” added the source.

But until Matt was fired, the public knew him as a charming, smiling father of three happy to interview stars such as Julia Roberts. He would discuss his family during the Today show, joking that at home he was “just papa” rather than a famous journalist, pointed out the Daily Mail.

“Behind the morning show smile, Matt Lauer has been surrounded by allegations and rumors that suggest a ruthless desire to reach the top and secret womanizing ways.”

Lauer had created an image of a man who the nation could trust. Matt was the “hunk next door,” executive producer Jeff Zucker once declared. But in the wake of the sex scandal allegations, that polished image has been replaced by allegations he betrayed some of his colleagues and had affairs during his marriages.

Beyond ruining his career at Today, Matt reportedly has endangered his marriage to Annette Roque. Lauer allegedly rang in the New Year with just his kids after rumors of “love children” and mistresses hit the disgraced Today show host’s home life, as the Inquisitr reported.

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