Matt Lauer Reportedly Plans New Year’s Eve With Kids After Wife Annette Roque Accepts Solo Party Invite

Matt Lauer’s life changed forever at the end of November when NBC News fired him from the Today show over sexual misconduct allegations. The firing sparked a flood of rumors, including the existence of “love children,” an affair with Natalie Morales, and the destruction of Lauer’s marriage to Annette Roque, as the Inquisitr reported. Speculation that Matt cannot save his marriage has soared, and now Lauer’s reported plans for New Year’s Eve offer new insight into the rumored threat of divorce.

Matt Lauer Reportedly Snubbed As Friends Invite Only His Wife To New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve often is viewed as the ideal time for new beginnings, whether it’s a reunion with an old friend or the start of a romance. But while Matt attempts to save his marriage, an insider told Hollywood Life that Lauer won’t have the chance to use New Year’s Eve to try for a fresh start with Annette.

“Matt Lauer isn’t ringing in the New Year with estranged wife Annette Roque even though he’s been hoping to save their marriage.”

Lauer reportedly is still focused on attempting to put the damaging allegations of sexual misconduct, affairs, and love children behind him in order to mend his relationship with Roque. However, rather than try to find a way to spend New Year’s Eve with Annette, Matt will be with their children at home, according to the source.

Matt Lauer Reportedly Isn’t In Partying Mood After His Reputation Takes Huge Hit

Roque scored an invitation to attend a dinner party with friends on New Year’s Eve. But while Annette visits their friends’ home and parties, Lauer will be quietly staying inside his home. The source shared that Matt doesn’t feel like attending parties.

After being fired from NBC News, Matt Lauer faces challenges in his marriage to Annette Roque.

Although it would have been nice to receive an invitation, Lauer probably would have declined to attend even if the mutual pals had urged Matt to show up with Annette, added the insider.

“Matt is planning to spend a quiet night in on New Year’s Eve, with the kids. Annette is going to a friend’s house for a dinner party, which Matt hasn’t been invited to.”

Even after the night for partying, New Year’s Eve, is over, the source predicted that Lauer won’t be in the mood to attend parties. Matt has no desire to party or even attend small social events, according to the source.

“Matt really has zero desire to attend any social events right now, he just wants to keep his head down and wait for this whole nightmare to blow over,” added the insider.

Matt Lauer Reportedly Doesn’t Believe Career Has Crashed

At this point in his life, Matt reportedly is focused on getting through the aftermath of his firing and hoping for future career opportunities. Despite his reportedly anti-social mood, Lauer does want to get back out into the world when it comes to his career.

The insider revealed that Matt has been talking with his agent to try to figure out a new game plan. The former Today show host allegedly believes that he has a future in the television world.

“Matt spent a lot of time on the phone with his agent over the holidays, trying to formulate some kind of career plan going forward. He refuses to believe that his career is over.”

But although Lauer reportedly is confident that he can get a new job in television, Matt’s agent is not so positive about Lauer’s future. If Matt has problems finding a job in New York, he may have to face the possibility of moving, adding to the challenges he reportedly already faces in holding onto his marriage to Annette.

Although Roque is, in contrast to Lauer, ending 2017 at a party, she and Matt reportedly share a desire to spend the evening quietly. Their separate plans come in the wake of rumors that Annette and her estranged husband were apart for most of Christmas. They reportedly were together only for the children, and speculation continues whether 2018 will be the year in which they divorce or succeed in holding their marriage together despite Lauer’s career-ending scandal.

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