Cheryl Calls Katie Price Jordan A ‘Cow’: ‘Massive Compliment,’ Peter Andre’s Ex Says On Instagram

Cheryl has called Katie Price a “f***ing cow.” The English singer was seen talking about the former X Factor judge’s body in a throwback E4 video clip. The most unique part the entire incident is that Peter Andre’s ex, formerly known as Jordan, took it quite sportingly.

Some of Katie Price’s Instagram followers were surprised to see her share the video clip. According to Price, it was a “massive compliment” from Cheryl. The singer gave birth to Liam Payne’s baby last year.

In the video, Cheryl is seen with her co-performers of Girls Aloud. Katie, wearing green sportswear, enters the room. Sarah Harding is heard telling Price that she is looking skinny. Price says the same thing to Sarah.

Cheryl is heard calling the former Celebrity Big Brother winner a “cow.” However, she does seem to be giving a compliment to Price.

“I think she looks fantastic, her legs are amazing – f***ing cow!”

As Katie leaves the room, Cheryl continues to talk about her body. The compliments continue as she says Price has got “amazing legs.”

“Not one smidgen of cellulite and believe me I was looking,” she says.

They start talking about Katie Price’s assets. Cheryl says Katie’s breasts have nothing to do with her “minuteness.”

“They are just f***ing huge! She’s making me sick!” Cheryl says in the video.

A massive compliment from the beautiful women @cherylofficial

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As a teenager, Katie Price was apparently insecure about her figure, so she went for a number of breast enhancement surgeries. She gradually went from 32B to 32FF, the Independent reported.

Price also underwent surgeries to remove fat from her thighs and hips. She had a nose job and had her lips enhanced with additional fat.

Been living in this teddy bomber from @inthestyle???? I’ve been told if you use code CYBER there’s 40% off the whole site girls for Black Friday weekend????????

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Katie continued to have breast surgeries and went down to 32GG. Price apparently believes 32GG makes her look fat. She wants to be “more demure” and reduce her breast size further. According to the Mirror’s report last year, she plans to drop to 30D before May 2018 and have an image makeover.

When Katie Price shared the Cheryl video with her fans, they were in two minds whether to take the “cow” comment as a compliment.

One of them said people should not get offended because Cheryl had meant it in a good way.

“She’s clearly complimenting the woman,” another said.