Who Went Home On 'The Challenge: Vendettas' Episode 3? [Spoilers]

The grenade was released on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight, as TJ Lavin added another twist into the game. We saw another player eliminated on The Challenge Season 31, but who? Find out the Episode 3 results below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge Season 31, the challenge took place and it had the players diving in a pit to grab three balls. The quickest guy and girl got to split $25,000, which were Johnny Bananas and Britni. TJ Lavin also told the players that the top three players each week will form the troika, which get to decide the other player going to the elimination challenge. The Troika were Johnny Bananas, Kyle, and Brad and they decided it was Cory voted in, as he would take on Nelson, who lost the challenge for the guys.

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, called "Balls of Fire," they had to kick a ball through a wall of fire and try to make it into their opponent's goal. They were able to defend the goal, even as the balls were on fire. Neither of these two could get close to the goal, as Nelson could not kick and Cory was kicking it over the goal. So, it was sudden death, with the fastest player to score a goal without their opponent in the goal snagging the win. Nelson scored, but Cory missed again. That meant Nelson was the winner and Cory was eliminated.

The Grenade

TJ brought out the grenade, as he informed the players that winning the Elimination Challenge not only kept them in the game, but gave them a grenade as well. This allows them to get even with their vendetta, as it gives them a significant advantage and gives another player a significant disadvantage. For Nelson's grenade, he got to choose from taking $5,000 from any player that has money, adding time to any player's timed amount for the challenge, joining the Troika, or sending someone straight into the Inquisition. The Troika was off limits and safe from the grenades.

An Injury

Apparently Melissa and Natalie felt they were both born to be cheerleaders. They started doing cheers and getting excited, but it turns into them busting a light and Melissa cutting her foot. Nicole taped her up.

The Challenge

This challenge was called "#Vendettas" and they had to race across beams and put hashtags on their opponent's pole. The quickest guy and girl would split $25,000. This was a girl's elimination week, but since Melissa cut her foot, medics said she could not participate in challenges with water right now. Because of that, she had to forfeit the challenge and would automatically be sent to the Elimination Challenge. The fastest three players would all join the Troika.

Nelson's Decision

Before the challenge started, Nelson had to announce which grenade he was throwing. Nelson decided to take $5,000 from another one of the players. He took the money from Joss on The Challenge: Vendettas.


The guys and girls each competed in two rounds. The fastest guy and girl were Devin and Natalie, so they split $25,000. For the Troika, it was Devin, Natalie, and Johnny Bananas. They got to pick the three girls that would go into the Inquisition.

The Troika

Devin, Natalie, and Johnny Bananas met to talk about the nominees. They all wanted Alicia, as that was Devin's choice. Devin noticed that Natalie was trying to align herself with strong players and playing this "nice girl" game, but said that is not going to work on The Challenge: Vendettas. In the end, they picked Kam, Alicia, and Kayleigh.

The Inquisition

The three ladies went in front of the Troika to plead their case. Kayleigh said she would be loyal. Alicia wanted them to consider keeping rookies around. Kam was upset she was there and asked who voted for her, as it was Natalie. She was not happy, but we find out the final nominees next week!

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.