NBA Trade Rumors: DeAndre Jordan Wants To Join Houston Rockets, Clippers Could Be Setting Stage To Land LeBron

The NBA trade rumors are getting heated as next month's trade deadline approaches, with a new report that DeAndre Jordan is angling to join the Houston Rockets and mount what could be the biggest challenge to the supremacy of the Golden State Warriors in the last four years.

The trade deadline is still three weeks away, but there are already a number of contenders planning some big moves in order to take on the Warriors. That includes reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers are hoping to swing a big deal, and a new rumor claiming that Jordan wants to join former teammate Chris Paul in Houston.

This report came from Stephen A. Smith, who cited sources claiming that Jordan is ready to leave the Clippers for a strong title contender in Houston. At 22-21, the Clippers are at the edge of playoff contention.

There could be some history to this NBA trade rumor. As ESPN's Zach Lowe reported, the teams nearly came to a deal last year that would have sent DeAndre Jordan to Houston in exchange for a package of players headlined by Clint Capela. It's not clear if that exact deal could be made again, as Fansided noted that Capela has taken on a bigger role in Houston this year and would likely not be put on the trade block. The 23-year-old center is averaging 14.3 points on 67 percent shooting and 11.1 rebounds this year, both career highs.

There could also be some competition for DeAndre Jordan for the Rockets to contend with, including the Cleveland Cavaliers. Reports this week indicated that the Cavs were looking to swing some kind of deal before the February 8 trade deadline to shore up some of their deficiencies, and Jordan is among those on their list to target.
It is not clear what the asking price may now be for DeAndre Jordan, but the NBA trade rumors hint that the Clippers may be looking to build for the future and set the stage to make a run at LeBron James. A number of teams appear to be angling to make moves in this offseason, when there is a strong free agent class led by James, who has been linked to the Clippers. USA Today's For The Win ranked the Clippers as the No. 4 contender in the league to land James this offseason.