Stormy Daniels Has Ability To Describe Things About Trump That Only Someone Who Had Seen Him Naked Would Know

Stephanie Clifford, who goes by the porn star name of Stormy Daniels, reportedly engaged in an adulterous affair with President Donald Trump -- prior to Trump becoming president, but in the wake of Trump marrying Melania Trump in 2005. This is the explosive news being reported via Slate, in the article titled "Stormy's Story: Did Donald Trump pay a porn star to keep quiet about an affair?" by Jacob Weisberg. An additional article titled "Hush Money: Porn star Stormy Daniels alleges she had a yearlong affair with Donald Trump. What did she tell our host about it?" by and features an audio recording of the allegations.

"Daniels said she was holding back on the juiciest details, such as her ability to describe things about Trump that only someone who had seen him naked would know."
Stormy spoke with Jacob via text messages and phone calls after the journalist got a tip that a porn star in California was confessing to allegedly having an affair with Trump. The tip came to Jacob after the 2016 Republican National Convention. Weisberg was able to speak with Daniels between August and October of 2016, before Stormy disappeared on him.

Stormy told Jacob that she went to Trump's hotel room in 2006, in Nevada. That's when their sexual relationship allegedly began and lasted for one year, with liaisons occurring in New York and Los Angeles. In spite of all the things that Daniels opened up to Jacob about, the journalist wrote that Stormy wouldn't tell him "the juiciest details," which allegedly included her knowledge of Trump's body that would only be possessed by folks who've seen him naked.

However, Stormy did diss the sexual skills of The Donald, whom ex-wife Marla Maples said was the best sex she'd ever had in her life. Daniels didn't claim that Trump abused her in any way -- but simply alleged that Trump broke promises to purchase a condo in Tampa for her, or to get her a Celebrity Apprentice job. Jacob pointed to friends of Stormy who corroborated her allegations of an affair with Trump.

Daniels eventually reportedly accepted "hush money" from Trump's attorney. Although Trump has denied allegations of an affair, it was noted that the wording of certain denials feature Stormy saying she never accepted any money from Trump without mentioning his lawyer. Stormy spoke with Jacob back then because she alleged Trump was stalling on paying her the hush money at the time.

Stormy allegedly had "anger about Trump's newfound opposition to abortion and gay marriage."