Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: How Their Mysterious Relationship Has Evolved Over The Years

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been evading the spotlight for years now, as has been reported since the two met back in 2013. For quite some time, the pair seemed to have the masses fooled, or at least kept them guessing, regarding whether there was anything truly going on other than friendship.

Years back, Katie would disguise herself in wigs and oversized hats and jackets, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible while meeting up with the Django Unchained star. As E! Online reports, back in 2015, "just a couple of months after Holmes reportedly donned a wig to up the chances of meet-up with Foxx in New York being incognito (it was a valiant effort), she joined several of Foxx's pals," who were throwing the actor and comedian his 48th birthday celebration.

Flash forward to Foxx's 50th birthday last month, and it's clear that the two are more comfortable being in one another's company while in the public eye. Katie danced the night away while celebrating her alleged boyfriend's birthday at Paramount Studios.

It has just been over the past year that Katie and Jamie have been more obvious about their clear affections for one another. Despite only ever confirming that they are friends, the numerous romantic getaways to locals like Cabo, Miami, and Paris this past year indicate that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are much more than pals.

The pair obviously have evolved their view regarding being caught in public together, seeing as Jamie and Katie stepped out for a hand-in-hand walk along a beach in Malibu last fall, knowing full well that they would be spotted, as People shares.

Despite there being no confirmation, it seems entirely likely that the rumors regarding a contract signed between Katie Holmes and her ex-husband, Hollywood star Tom Cruise, which had an apparent five-year "no dating" clause, are quite possibly true, seeing as when those five years passed, Katie and Jamie began making more trips together and spending more time publicly.

However, the reason for the denials and the secrecy for so many years also may simply have been a way for the pair to allow the relationship to blossom more naturally without the media circus that would have followed had they immediately made their romance known.

Katie did, after all, experience a bit of a frenzy surrounding her when the beauty was married to Tom Cruise. Holmes clearly also has the best interest of her daughter, Suri Cruise, in mind.