'The Little Couple' Cancellation Concerns Swirl As Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein Focus On Simple Family Updates

TLC's The Little Couple is on hiatus again after a short season aired last fall and fans are anxious to know when and if Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey will be returning with new episodes again. Things do seem to be a bit murky in this area at the moment, with many supporters worrying that a Little Couple cancellation is on the horizon. However, there have been signs that the TLC hit will be returning at some point.

The network has a tendency not to say much about cancellations, renewals, or series return dates until shows are about to air again, but some Little Couple fans noted that there was a reference to the show returning in 2018 when the most recent episode aired on December 12. Some fans have been somewhat mystified over the fact that there have been references to additional episodes slated to air in this current batch, but no new titles or descriptions were made available past the last show that aired, Episode 13 titled "And I Don't Like Alligators!"

Heading into this last handful of Little Couple episodes, there had been sightings of a film crew working with Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey in Florida, and those segments have yet to air. There had also been talk of the family starting to film again in early 2018 for upcoming episodes.

Viewers are anxious to see the Arnold-Klein family as they adjust to Florida after their big move from Texas, but a new wrinkle in the ongoing LMNO Productions-Discovery legal battle has seemingly put a halt to the show once again. This new phase of the battle seems to be sparking worries that the network and stars may be left with a forced Little Couple cancellation instead of a return.

At this point, Jen and Bill aren't saying anything specific about the show's future in their social media posts in terms of either a return or a Little Couple cancellation. Arnold just shared a post showing Will and Zoey during a trip to the aquarium, and Klein recently posted a photo on Twitter joking about being out for a date night in Los Angeles with his wife. Every social media post that the Little Couple stars put up solicits questions about when the show will return, but so far, neither Jen or Bill are replying to those inquiries.

The conflict between Arnold and Klein, LMNO Productions, and Discovery has been dragging on for some time now and it has had a significant impact on TLC's ability to air new episodes featuring the Arnold-Klein family. While it doesn't sound as if a Little Couple cancellation is imminent, at least not if the parties involved can help it, it does look like it will be a while before new episodes will air again. For now, anxious fans will need to hold tight and watch for signs that the family is filming again, and enjoy Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein's updates on Will and Zoey as they share them.