’90 Day Fiance’ Update: Nicole & Azan, Josh & Aika Tease Show’s Return

Exciting news for 90 Day Fiance fans! It’s been one month since the reality show aired its Season 5 tell-all episode, and now its cast members are hinting that it might be getting a new season. Read on to see the telling signs some Season 5 alumni have been posting on social media.

Nicole & Azan

Nicole and Azan have been on Seasons 4 and 5 of 90 Day Fiance, but they still haven’t gotten around to tying the knot. Their relationship apparently hangs on Azan’s U.S. visa, and some fans think that the Moroccan’s application has been denied.

In last season’s tell-all, Azan was supposed to do a live chat with Nicole as he couldn’t personally be in the U.S. to film the episode. However, a few days before the shoot, Azan turned off his phone and the show’s producers couldn’t contact him. Nicole sat on the panel alone, crying about her seemingly failed relationship.

Barely a month after that, it seems that Nicole and Azan have made up. On Jan. 2, Nicole posted a happy photo of the two of them on her Instagram account and hinted that they will be back for another season of 90 Day Fiance.

“2018 is our year, baby! This will be our best year yet,” Nicole wrote on the caption.

“We are excited and ready to continue and share our journey with our awesome fans!”


Hopefully, fans will see a happy ending for Nicole and Azan when they appear on the reality series for the third time.

Josh & Aika

By the end of last season, Josh and Aika got married in Las Vegas. At the tell-all episode, they sat next to each other like two giddy newlyweds. However, things were still a bit tense especially when the issue of kids was brought up. Aika was bent on having kids, but Josh was reluctant. He already has a child from a previous relationship and thinks he’s done with that stage in his life.

After 90 Day Fiance Season 5, Josh and Aika moved into a new home, based on their Instagram posts. Just recently, the couple shared pictures of their new house and TLC cameramen can be seen in the shots.

“Filming again, stay tuned!” Josh and Aika wrote.

The couple’s next post revealed what exactly were they filming. The took a photo of the crew’s clapperboard, which says “Josh & Aika What Now II.”


While TLC has yet to make an official announcement, this could mean that some of the show’s previous cast members and fan favorites will be back for a What Now? spinoff.

90 Day Fiance features cross-cultural couples who have three months, under the K-1 visa, to get married. Because of the couples’ explosive but entertaining drama, the show has produced several spinoffs, including Happily Ever After?, What Now?, and Before the 90 Days.