Italian Model Won’t Sell Virginity, Never Planned To Go Through With Elite Models VIP Auction [Updated]

Editor’s note: The Inquisitr has been contacted by an individual, claiming to be Nicole, who said she was not auctioning her virginity. The Sun, our original source, has also updated its story to reflect such, revealing that she received a “received six-figure offer” but had never intended to go through with the sale. Original story below (10:30 a.m. 01/23/18).

Nicole is an 18-year-old Italian model who is selling her virginity at an auction. She is going to have sex with the highest bidder, and the bid has already reached $1.38 million (€1m).

Nicole (name changed) had her inspiration from a number of auction ads. She came to know that some girls managed to sell their virginity even for $4.82 million (€3.5m). The highest overnight bid for her auction has now reached $1.38 million (€1m).

A number of men are apparently getting in touch with her agency. The auction will take place on the official website of Elite Models VIP, an escort service that provides “luxury escorts in Europe.” Nicole’s highest bidder has to be in Europe to be able to meet her, as she is only available in Europe.

The 50 kg blonde, however, has a strong reason for collecting the money. She wants to pursue an education in the U.K. She has plans to study business at Cambridge. She has been looking for ways to finance her education. She also wants to buy her parents a house, as well as help her sister and family.

Nicole’s parents do not know about the auction, even though she has decided to spend a lot of the auction money on them. She believes it will “destroy them” if they come to know about it.

The process started a couple of years back when Nicole was 16. She was in a relationship with an older man. She had the realization that her virginity was “precious.” She decided to remain a virgin and sell off her virginity at 18.

Even though Nicole now wants to sell off her virginity, she told the Sun that she once decided to lose her virginity to her future husband. She broke up with the man she was dating because she panicked when the man wanted to start a family with her. She was just 16.

Nicole loves Japanese cuisine, and her favorite designer is Dior.

Nicole admits that she is quite nervous about the auction but also confident that her highest bidder is going to be a kind man. At the same time, she indicates that she must like him before she gets involved in the actual act.

“My virginity will go to the highest bidder but if I don’t get on well with him, I will be able to choose another bidder.”

Nicole is not the only virgin escort who is selling her virginity on the site. Kimberly, 21, is of Mediterranean ethnicity. There is 23-year-old Chanel and 25-year-old Silah. Both of them love Japanese cuisine as well.

Nicole is the only virgin escort on the site whose face is revealed. Others have their eyes hidden.

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