Real Reason Why Paige’s Wrestling Career Has Ended Revealed

A few weeks ago, Paige suffered an injury during a WWE live event in Uniondale, New York. At the time, it was written off as a “stinger” and WWE officials kept her out of the ring as a precaution. However, it has come to light that her injury was extremely serious and WWE doctors have “medically disqualified” her as an in-ring performer going forward due to her neck and back issues and Paige will never wrestle for WWE again.

Her situation is being compared to the neck injury that the Edge suffered that forced his own retirement in 2011. It has been reported by Wrestling Observer Radio that doctors advised Paige not to return to wrestling after her neck surgery last year. She rehabbed and fought her way back into the WWE ring, but the recent injury that may have ended her wrestling career could be a result of Paige wrestling far too early in her childhood.

Paige may only be twenty-five years old, but she has well over a decade of experience. Her wrestling career starting too early in her life is most likely the reason for her current neck issues that could force the end of her in-ring career. Her current WWE contract will expire in 2019, so it’s not implausible for her to wrestle for other promotions eventually. However, a lot can happen over the next two years before Paige can leave.

‘WWE officials could move Paige into a new role on WWE television.’

It’s being reported that WWE officials are trying to find Paige a new role with the company and there have not been any discussions about her leaving the company just yet. Some ideas that are being tossed around are Paige moving to commentary, becoming a full-time trainer at the WWE Performance Center, or a valet for another WWE Superstar. Most fans seem to believe she will become the mouthpiece for “Absolution.”

Unfortunately, Paige’s WWE future is still up in the air, but it’s clear that WWE officials want to find a place for her within the company. As of this writing, Paige and WWE officials have yet to make an announcement about her injury or future in WWE. Both parties likely don’t want to announce anything until her new role is clear. For now, the only thing the WWE Universe can do is wait and see what the future holds for Paige.

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